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Pedigrees ~ Leavers

Way back when you try to keep a website as up-to-date as possible you little think that in between updates you would lose two of the girls and have four litters ~ bringing the total of puppies who had left our home for pastures new up to a grand total fifty-two and with Lucy's last litter we had two more who left us for new homes in early 2012. With the Kennel Clubs draconian measures that came into force which only allow four litters per bitch, it, as usual, has penalised the small, caring breeder instead of the intended puppy-farm targets.

By 2013 that had increased by another six puppies, of whom five left us for new families (Crystal of course remained).

Then on Easter Sunday 2014 we were back up to six girls again with the addition of Willow's daughter Ziva.

With the dawning of the new year in 2016 the number that had left for pastures new increased to 39 boys and 27 girls and with the Autumn of 2017 dawning we increased that number to 42 boys and 28 girls.......maybe more depending on the future success of Katie and Ziva.

Katie's 2017 litter of Nico, Bugsy, Cilla and Matsy left us in the first week of January 2018 and Ziva's progeny after her successful matings with Karter (Trirayne Get Karter) produced Prince and Hamlet leaving us in April ~ bringing the total up to 48 boys and 34 boys.

June 2018 presented us with the results of another successful mating of Crystal with Chutney and along came Bo, Buddy, Harley and a second puppy called Ralph. This brings the total that our girls have given birth to up to 35 girls and 50 boys ~ which gives us great pleasure 16 years after we thought we would "Give it a go to see if we liked breeding". Obviously we have kept five out of that total but it still has the added advantage of so many happy owners giving the puppies new, loving homes.

Then in early 2019 both Ziva and Katie came into season within weeks of each other so entered another five boys and two girls which increases the totals to 37 and 55 respectively.

However ...... the biggest bonus that we always look forward to is seeing puppies coming back to visit us as young ladies and gentlemen as well as the photos that the new owners send us showing how well they have developed.

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Reviewed:~ May 2019