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Ten puppies all asleep

Please note that we are taking no more additions to our waiting list until further notice

From time to time throughout the year we have litters of puppies available for new owners. With the advent of yet another Kennel club restriction in 2012 this will not be as many as we would hope, because, in spite of adhering to the Codes of Ethics and passing local Council Animal Health and Welfare examinations, the KC are going to restrict breeders to only four litters per bitches life - thus hitting the small, responsible breeders once again.

So all we can ask is that you send us a puppy enquiry using the e-mail link below and we will contact you at the first opportunity.

Could you please state the following in your e-mail so that we can advise you accordingly ~ we do need all of it to progress any further..

  1. Full name(s)
  2. Address
  3. Contact telephone number(s)
  4. Preferred colouring - either Blenheim, Tricolour, Black & Tan, Ruby or No preference
  5. Sex - Male, Female or no preference

Send Puppy Enquiry e-mail

Reviewed:~ Jul 2020