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anidog.gifAs can be seen from the rest of our site we started with one Blenheim (Heidi) kept her daughter Amber as the second of our two Blenheims. We then waited ten months to purchase Sasha our first Tricolour before breeding a Tricolour bitch of our own - Ambers daughter Lucy. Since then all four have passed over Rainbow's Bridge. We purchased Jade, our first Black & Tan bitch from July Webb of Pacchibei, and subsequently we decided to retain Sasha's Tricolour daughter Willow and Jade's daughter Crystal - in what turned out to be the final litters for both of them. With the decision to keep the only Tricolour female from Willow's third litter - Ziva - to purchase Katie (Lee Holton) and Abbie (Gill & Peter Babb)we were back up to six girls.

The names of our dogs may seem strange in an area where strange names are a way of life to some people but each one of our dogs' names are arrived at in a logical manner. When we first decided to go into breeding we decided that we would make the puppies names up from the Affix (Enigmai), the Sex (Lady or Sir), a Mineral/Precious stone (Amber) and a character from Roman/Greek/Celtic/Amazon mythology (Selene) - hence Enigmai Lady Amber Selene. What makes it even more of a challenge is keeping within the Kennel Club convention of a maximum 24 character names (including the affix) in an effort to stop breeders using long, convoluted names.

Please note that in accordance with current legislation all our puppies are microchipped before leaving us. In addition, they are not only Kennel Club registered but heart, eye and vet checked plus we provide all new owners with a full pack-up which includes a five-generation pedigree chart (With pictures), sales contract, certification for sire and dam, weight and worming charts, a selection of photo's together with dietary information and sufficient food to last at least a week or more, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of 4-weeks free pet insurance. We do not sell our puppies sight unseen, all prospective owners would be expected to view the puppies in their home environment. As any respectable breeder will tell you, selling puppies is a two way vetting process - we have to be happy that you and your lifestyle suit the puppy as much as the puppy suits you. Although we do not use a waiting list for puppies we always announce new arrivals here on the website through the Latest News page or Champdogs website and exceptionally through the Puppy Register at The Kennel Club site ~ although it is rare these days for the latter two as we struggle to satisfy current needs. This is one of the main reasons why we do not export our puppies.

In addition all our girls have a heart check-up for MVD every year in accordance with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club scheme together with a medical before going to stud and all are declared free from Retinal Dysplasia in accordance with the BVS/KC/BSA Eye Scheme and in addition all our girls have been DNA tested for Curly Coat, Episodic Falling and Dry Eye Syndrome. All have excellent lineages with many champions in their pedigrees, to see theirs and other pedigrees follow the links above ~ I haven't made a composite file yet but, like a family history, there is a convoluted link going back to Champions of the 1940's onward.

Reviewed: Feb 2024