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Jade's Pedigree Page Willow's Pedigree Page Crystal's Pedigree Page Ziva's Pedigree Page Katie's Pedigree Page Abbie's Pedigree Page

Heidi's Pedigree Page Amber's Pedigree Page Lucy's Pedigree Page Sasha's Pedigree Page
Heidi's Pedigree Page Amber's Pedigree Page Lucy's Pedigree Page Sasha's Pedigree Page

Pedigrees ~ Residents

Meet the girls As the title suggests we intend to use this as the link page to the pedigree pages of those bitches which we will be keeping in residence. For the pedigrees of those puppies which have been sold, and of those stud dogs with which we have bred our bitches please follow the appropriate link.

Beginnings Starting off with Great-Granny Heidi RIP (Oakash Lady In Red At Enigmai) who between 2002 and 2005 had nine surviving puppies, including Amber. She is then obviously followed by Amber RIP (Enigmai Lady Amber Selene), a Grandmother in her own right having successfully reared 17 puppies from five litters ~ one of whom is Lucy from her first litter in 2004. Sasha RIP (Tillington Chacha At Enigmai) ~ joined our merry band in May 2004 after a ten-month wait; she was an adorable Tricolour with extremely good colour distribution and is a credit to Mrs Pollard who bred her - and her seven siblings - 4 Blenheims and 4 Tricolours in total of which two of each were boys and two of each were girls - you couldn't ask for a better litter distribution than that. Sadly, after only three litters and eight puppies (one of whom is Willow) we lost her in the space of 2-1/2 days to a mystery illness.

When I originally wrote this page, the fourth member of the 'team', Lucy (Enigmai Lady Iolite Jocasta), was, at the time, the only Tricolour bitch which we had been able to breed from any of the girls litters - which is why she is stayed with us. Thus, at that point in time, we had two Blenheims and two Tricolours. Heidi was a very mature matron, as you would expect from a Great-Grandmother, Amber was a bit more staid unless there was another dog within half a mile, postman, a binman....in fact anybody wearing or carrying Dayglo yellow or orange apparrel ~ then she would go to maximum volume to try and remove them from HER area. Sasha was the 'tea-leaf' of the bunch, and knew how to extract tissues/hankies from wherever and run off with them, and generally laid on her back for belly-rubs at every opportunity - especially when she knew she was going to be told off! Last of the 'Elders' Lucy Locket (as she is affectionately known) used to chase Sasha for the hankies and bones and generally do speed-runs with her throughout the house and garden, also known to lie on her back for belly-rubs at every opportunity but is just so laid back about everything ~ and used to see me off to work every morning at the door before my enforced retirement. Before her retirment in 2011 she produced thirteen puppies in five litters

Enter the 'Young Ones'. Jade (Pacchibei Sheer Magic at Enigmai) our Black & Tan puppy bred by Julie Webb of Pacchibei who joined us in March 2008. Absolutely adorable, into mischief and generally being a puppy at heart! Having seen how Sasha and Lucy do it ~ she also likes to do 'Harry-zoomers' around the kitchen & living room and thinks it's great fun. Originally it was with Sasha and Lucy now it is usually with Willow. She has proven to be a great alerter when Sasha managed to get some item of clothing by continually barking at her until somebody goes to sort it out. Invariably you will find her curled up at the back of Trish's legs or somewhere in a group huddle - invariably with Amber as Jade came to look on her as a surrogate mum during her first season - totally integrated into the pack she is now a mother of seven in her own right, but alas can have no more litters due to complications with her last litter which led to an emergency Caesarean and having to be speyed. She now gives little Katie a good run for her money at least two or three times a day.

And now............ We have Willow (Enigmai Lady Adularia Echo) ~ Sasha's Tricolour bitch puppy. We have always said that the first female Sasha breeds we would keep ~ we just did not think it would take us four years to get there! The oldies are still not sure what to do about her always wanting to push in for a fuss and cuddles but most of the time they let her get away with it. Not a lot of choice really she likes to say hello and cuddle up to/on top of any other dog for naps on the couch. Invariably to be found playing high-speed chase with Lucy or Jade or generally investigating the garden in all weathers. Also a mother of fourteen puppies, she is extremely nimble at extracting hankies from your pockets - oh, and playing with everbody's puppies ~ even tough she has had thirteen of her own so far.

And now (Part 2)................ Along came Crystal (Enigmai Lady Crystal Megara) ~ Jade's Black & Tan bitch puppy. We had to wait the extra year to keep a puppy because of the physical impossibilities of keeping one the previous year ~ for us, not Jade. Loves to dash around, fight with mum and say hello to the elders - who take great fright and disappear rapidly away from this young upstart. I used to say "Just wait until she is more their size, she will probably rule the roost and cause great havoc with Jade and Willow." Now, she is just a petite sweet little thing with a great turn of speed who insists on mothering and playing with puppies ~ hopefully this will carry her in great stead later when she begins to have litters of her own. (It did!)

And now (Part 3)................ Along came Ziva (Enigmai Lady Potspar Edesia) who is an absolute bundle of energy and who's main intent in life seems to be chasing and attacking/playing with her mum and Willow ~ not necessarily at the same time (but is frequently an option). Used to be told off by Amber, who allowed herself to be escorted by Willow towards the end, and vigourously by Jade so many times she has a healthy respect for her! That doesn't stop her trying to get Jade to play however (and vice versa) ~ she just goes about it with a lot more respect. Even Lucy catches her out sometimes by deciding to play chase and mouthing with the two youngest. Jade has developed into a barker since the trauma of Crystal and Max's birth and has learnt to quickly disappear down the ramp so she can have a good one and challenge all the local dogs to a barking competetion. Visitors always know when they are welcome ~ Jade makes a fuss of them rather than bark!

And now (Part 4)................ Along came a little ruby puppy called Katie (Ticonjah Angel's Nectar). Settling in nicely she has already developed the zoomer routine of back of house to front of house with toy in mouth and has decided Willow is her surrogate mum. It is quite a regular occurrence to see Katie cuddled up asleep next to Willow, or alternatively next to Jade who surprisingly let's her hang on her ears and follow her about. Poor Amber used to be herded by Katie trying to be friends until she could escape to her cage where Katie couldn't get her ~ she just developed her bark through the cage to looks of total disdain from Amber.

And now (Part 5)................ Along came a Blenheim called Abbie (Raifkoa Desdemona At Enigmai) ~ more energy than the rest put together she has settled in very nicely thank you. Not uncommon to see her fighting off Ziva, Crystal and Katie all at once (complete with the noise cannons) in the morning after their milk. She thinks nothing of doing the zoomer routine around the house and the garden with any toy in her mouth, getting bored with it and leaving it inside or out and getting another. Emulating Jade (after a fshion) who likes to turn the bed with toys in it upside down ~ not good enough for Abbie ~ she takes the whole bed for a walk from one end of the living/dining room to the other and back again ~ and sometimes out into the hall!

Reviewed:~ Nov 2018