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"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
Will Rogers

We have seen various references to the Rainbows Bridge on the Web and after a traumatic few days with Korite Telephus early in our journey of breeding we thought it only fitting to include a page on our website dedicated to the Rainbows Bridge concept and all the pets that not only we have lost, but those who have bought puppies from us have lost over the years.

As you can see below we have, in our own small way, created our own Rainbow's Bridge dedicated to the boys and girls we have all had and lost over the years.





PatchRainbowButton.jpg SnowyRainbowButton.jpg Enigmai Sir Morion Achilles
KoriteRainbowButton.jpg HollyRainbowButton.jpg Amber2ndRainbowButton.jpg
TanzaniteRainbowButton.jpg FlowerRainbowButton.jpg DougalRainbowButton.jpg
MagicRainbowButton.jpg MollyRainbowButton.jpg Jade1stRainbowButton.jpg
SashaRainbowButton.jpg HeidiRainbowButton.jpg TwinkleRainbowButton.jpg
Hollie1RainbowButton.jpg HarveyRainbowButton.jpg MaddieRainbowButton.jpg
AbbyRainbowButton.jpg Poppy3RainbowButton.jpg PippaRainbowButton.jpg
SootyRainbowButton.jpg CassieRainbowButton.jpg BuffyRainbowButton.jpg
Monty1RainbowButton.jpg Amber_Rainbow_Button.jpg DieselRainbowButton.jpg
MillieRainbowButton.jpg JontyRainbowButton.jpg Charlie2RainbowButton.jpg
LucyRainbowButton.jpg RubyRainbowButton.jpg EllaRainbowButton.jpg
Poppy1RainbowButton.jpg Crystal4thRainbowButton.jpg Ziva3rdRainbowButton.jpg
DuchyRainbowButton.jpg KeiraRainbowButton.jpg Molly_DuchyRainbowButton.jpg
BumbleRainbowButton.jpg LolaRainbowButton.jpg JadeRainbowButton.jpg
OllieRainbowButton.jpg LouisRainbowButton.jpg Katies3rdLitterRainbow_Button.jpg
ZoloRainbow_Button.jpg ZakRainbow_Button.jpg BaileyRainbow_Button.jpg
Rosie1RainbowButton.jpg BusterRainbowButton.jpg MarblesRainbowButton.jpg

Reviewed:~ Feb 2022