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What we hope to show from these pages are all our boys and girls in two lights so to speak. A picture of them as a puppy before they left us and a picture courtesy of their new families when they are 'grown-ups'. It is rather pleasing to note that since we started breeding these lovely dogs that out of the 106 puppies we have bred there are very few owners who have never sent us a picture of their new companions after they have 'left the fold' or when they have grown up - me I can't stop taking them of our girls even now. Anyway, rather than slow everything down by putting them all on one page, we will use this as the link page ........ so just follow whichever (or all) of the links that you wish.

We have to point out that without the help of all the owners sending us the pictures of their new family members, and then keeping us up to date with more pictures over the years, these and the individual photo pages would not be possible.
By the same token we can only utilise the last/only photo sent or just an adult silhouette where none have been sent ~ there are still plenty to view.

Then and Now Button-1
Heidi, Amber, Cassie,
Max(1) and Sasha
Then and Now Button-2
Buffy, Chloe, Keira
and Molly
Then and Now Button-3
Monty(1), Lucy, Duchy
and Ralph
Then and Now Button-4
Maximus, Harvey, Diesel
and Poppy(1)
Then and Now Button-5
Zolo and Jonty

Then and Now Button-6
Charlie(1), Bumble, Ollie,
Lola and Dylan
Then and Now Button-7
Zak, Hollie and Monty(2)
Then and Now Button-8
Bailey, Charlie (2), Gizmo,
Marbles and Sizzles
Then and Now Button-9
Bella, Honey and Jade
Then and Now Button-10
Willow, Coby, Louis
and Jasper

Then and Now Button-11
Ace, Ella and Poppy(2)
Then and Now Button-12
Rosie (1), Sadie, Ruby
and Harry
Then and Now Button-13
Lexie, Teddy(1) and Millie
Then and Now Button-14
Teddy(2), Poppy(3), Riley,
Hollie(2) and Charlotte
Then and Now Button-15
Bertie, Queenie, Timmy,
Buster and Oscar

Then and Now Button-16
Hendricks and Stan
Then and Now Button-17
Crystal, Max (2), Coco,
Sophie, Patch and Teddy
Then and Now Button-18
Ziva, Izzie, Honey(2),
Nero and Murphy
Then and Now Button-19
Mouse and Rosie (2)
Then and Now Button-20
Bertie, Chunk, Jasper
and Ziggy

Then and Now Button-21
Cilla, Matsy, Bugsy
and Nico
Then and Now Button-22
Prince, Hamlet, Bo, Buddy,
Harley and Ralph (2)
Then and Now Button-23
Mollie, Charlie (3), Percy, Reuben,
Ruby (2), Dash and Bertie (3)
Then and Now Button-24
Lily, Annabella, Dolly, Mabel,
Molly(2), Willow(2) and Kingsley
Then and Now Button-25
Pebbles, Molly (3), Maggie, Leia, Ivy, Dusty and Oona

Reviewed:~ Feb 2024