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A ball of fluff appeared one day.
Where it came from - who can say?
It rolled around the kitchen Floor.
And stopped just by the kitchen door.
Two ears appeared, a nose and eyes.
Four paws - and then - to my surprise.
The little ball of fluff and stuff
said "I've arrived, with lots of woof!"

The original intent of this page was to show the girls and boys when they were puppies and litter-mates ~ after all, they all have their own pages for seeing more photos. As the years have progressed, and the number of litters has now reached nineteen, this page was becoming a bit cumbersome so I have edited it down into 4-year periods

2002 ~ 2005 2006 ~ 2010 2011 ~ 2013 2014 ~ 2017 2018 ~ 2022

And this is what you can expect when ten puppies play hard and then sleep deep!!!
(See if you can spot all ten puppies...................If you can't scroll down and see which one(s) you missed)

So - how many did you REALLY get?

I knew that there were ten puppies and I had to struggle to find them all the first time I looked!

Reviewed:~ Nov 2018