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Ziva's Home Page


Welcome to Ziva's home page. The latest addition to our 'family' she is a lovable Tricolour bitch, full of licks and very wriggly (especially when she is asleep) whom we kept from Willow's litter of Easter 2014.

As with all puppies she is into everything - mind, body and ..... teeth. If it can be picked up in the mouth, chewed in any way then Ziva is your girl. She fits in well with the rest of the family and when not sleeping or chewing can usually be found chasing/fighting/playing with everybody bar Amber ~ and even then she does sometimes get the old dear to sort of participate ~ and when Mouse visits......well just tuck your skirts in and watch your feet!!

Ziva Pics 1
Ziva Pics 2
Ziva Pics 3
Ziva Pics 4

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Reviewed:~ Feb 2018