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Willow's Home Page


Welcome to Willow's home page. A precocious (and fast moving) Tricolour bitch who is another our self-bred puppies and the second of only eight Tricolour bitches we have managed to breed ~ which is one of the reasons we kept her. Daughter of Sasha, her pedigree name is Enigmai Lady Andularia Echo, she has the advantage of lot's of mums together with big sister Jade to keep her amused as well as lots of toys to gain/lose to Ziva.

Like the rest of our four-footed family members she also turned out to be a super mum to all her litters of pups ~ 14 so far ~ and still fit enough at nine to give a account of herself chasing her daughter Ziva around the 'circuit'.

Willow Pics 1
Willow Pics 2
Willow Pics 3
Willow Pics 4
Willow Pics 5
Willow Pics 6
Willow Pics 7

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Reviewed:~ Feb 2016