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20 Apr ~ Happy 4th Birthday to our own Ziva and to her brothers and sisters, Nero, Honey, Izzie and Murphy for today. To prove everybody wrong at the end of Katy having her season she brought Crystal in a month early and so we had to go and see our friend Chutney in High Wycombe on Tuesday ~ now we wait and see if the portent is good and some little black and brown paws will join us for the summer.

8 Apr ~ Well, now that the pups are safely in their new homes, the new roof is on the bungalow, Easter has passed and our 45th wedding anniversary has been duly celebrated I have been able to do a bit of sorting out of the website so as well as Prince and Hamlet having their own Pedigree and photo pages I have been able to tweek a few changes to the photo pages for Bumble, Charlie(2),Chunk, Cilla, Crystal, Diesel, Hendricks, Izzie, Jasper(2), Katie, Lucy, Matsy, Murphy, Nico, Oscar, Bertie)2) (Roberta), Rosie, Teddy(1), Willow, Zak, Ziggy, Ziva and Zolo. Just a few photo updates to incorporate in one shot ~ you'd think I'd learn by now and update them when they arrive in the in box or via facebook!

4 Apr ~ Ours is a very quiet house, ours is. As usual still finding it strange without Hamlet and Prince around to add to the madness of the household. After choosing a bevy of photo's Prince and Hamlet now have their own picture pages (as well as pedigree pages) and mum Ziva has her new page for pictures of the litter. Just follow the appropriate link buttons above.

30 Mar ~ Happy 7th Birthday to Bertie, Queenie, Timmy, Buster and Oscar for today ~ all from Willow's 1stlitter in 2011.

Meanwhile ~ Hamlet and Prince have now had their first jabs, been microchipped, their eyes checked, paperwork done and had a nice shower ready for the off tomorrow for their journey's to their new homes. As usual it is going to be very strange getting used to the quietness without the boys play fighting and wanting their food.

22 Mar ~ Firstly, Happy 7th Birthday to Teddy (2), Riley, Holly and Charlotte for today and secondly R.I.P. to Poppy (3) ~ all from Jade's litter in 2011. Also R.I.P. to our own Sasha taken from us far too early at seven years of age.

We have now the Kennel Club paperwork for Prince and Hamlet so off we set down the M27 to Havant and Optivet Referals to have their eyes tested ~ little realising that the Kennel Club had changed the goal posts again and that puppies now have to be microchipped before eye testing. So a wasted journey on top of yours truly spending 40 minutes in the dentist's chair whilst same fought to extract a tooth that was infected. Unfortunately same tooth broke in two and part of it had fused into the jaw. Definitely not a happy place yesterday ~ especially whe there was the usual multi-vehicle collision on the M27 meaning fastest speed for 5-6 miles was between 0 and 8 MPH. Never mind at least they had their vet checks and first innoculations today.

17 Mar ~ Well good news for Jack and Jimmy but bad news for those people unsuccessful for giving them new homes as they have now been 'spoken for'. Jack is now Hamlet and Jimmy is now Prince with just a fortnight to go until they travel to Dunstable and Fareham which in the great scheme of things also means busy, busy for us as the pups also need to have their eyes and hearts checked, vet checked, first innoculations and microchipped and all paperwork done ready for the new owners.

13 Mar ~ Jack and Jimmy are now offered for sale to caring homes. Speaking of the boys they have adapted quite well to investigating the patio in spite of the weather and are progressing admirably with their weaning with ever increasing amounts of kibbles to fill their little bellies. At the minute they are at the play/fight hard, eat quick and sleep lots stage.

9 Mar ~ The boys now have their extended cage to give them more playroom ~ when they're not fighting (as boys do) that is. Weaning is progressing with it's usual hiccups as mummy is now excluded during the day. A very big day for them tomorrow as they get to move house ~ or is it get their house moved? The puppy carpet has come down from the loft to air off and to have a good vacuum from the dust of the old roof and the boys get a really large play area with access to the outside world and a lot more toys. Speaking of toys I've included a little video of the boys starting to really play with toys ~ when not trying to find out how far each others ears will stretch that is!

25 Feb ~ Well the boys continue to grow in leaps and bounds with Jack now weighing in as the Heavyweight at a 1052 grammes and Jimmy, who was the heaviest born of the two, is now the Light Heavyweight at a mere 866 grammes. Their ears are now well and truly opened which in some ways is a disadvantage for them as we have had to have the roof completely replaced, so you can imagine the noise level that we have all had to put up with over the last week especially as we live in 1930's bungalow ~ the roofers think that the concrete tiles are the original ones as well ~ no wonder the roof has started weeping. I'll be weeping when I write the cheque! The boys have also now started to find some push strength in their back legs and are beginning to have ramming sessions with each other. It never ceases to amaze me how so much changes in so little time with puppies, it will only be a few days before the weaning process starts and they begin to walk around more easily and strongly.

2018_02_25-Jimmy_Jack-3.jpg 2018_02_25-Jimmy_Jack-1.jpg 2018_02_25-Jimmy_Jack-2.jpg

17 Feb ~ Birthday wishes for Zolo and Jonty from Sasha's first litter in 2006 who will be celebrating their 12th Birthday on Tuesday 20th February.

At the other end of the scale Jack and Jimmy now have their eyes open, so it is a little more difficult for mummy Ziva to hide, and they continue to put weight on at a prodigious rate with Jimmy rising from a birth weight of 162 grammes to 536 grammes and brother Jack rising from a birth weight of 152 grammes to a staggering 658 grammes! The next milestone will be them loosing the plug in their ears and then first steps.

2018_02_15-Jack-1.jpg       2018_02_15-Jimmy-1.jpg
Jack       Jimmy

8 Feb ~ Once again a time of good news/bad news. In the First instance it is Happy 2nd Birthday to our very own Katie for today; and in the second instance sadly one of those strange moments that you can never get used to and that is that Jake sadly passed for no explicable reason ~ one moment feeding, an hour later he had passed over Rainbows Bridge. Akin to human baby Cot Death Syndrome or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as it's now known. Nobody knows why, it just is. Thankfully Jack and Jimmy are growing and putting on weight ~ especially with so many teats to choose from!

2018_02_07-Ziva_Jack_Jimmy-1.jpg       2018_02_08-Jack_Ziva_Jimmy-1.jpg

28 Jan ~ Firstly, Happy 11th Birthday to Zak and Monty and In Memorium Hollie ~ all from Lucy's first litter way back in 2007.

Secondly, Ziva has now attained ownership of the whelping box as the 40 inch (101 cm) Tower Bridge is now complete - so far she is the only one who has not gone in for a dig. Never mind days are now getting few.

2018_01_27-Endex-1.jpg       2018_01_27-Endex-2.jpg

25 Jan ~ Firstly Happy 10th Birthday to our very own walking, barking noise machine ~ Jade.

Secondly ~ Poor Willow is not very happy with us after having a lump removed from inside her lower ear on Tuesday - needless to say the Buster Collar AKA 'Cone of Shame' is driving her daft trying to get it off so she can have a good scratch.

Lastly ~ Book 1 of the giant Tower Bridge is complete with a big 'Hurry up!' from Ziva as I am using the lid of the whelping box as an assembly table and the 2nd February isn't that far off!

2018_01_24-Willow-3.jpg 2018_01_24-Willow-1.jpg
2018_01_24-Tower_Bridge-End_Book_1-2.jpg 2018_01_24-Tower_Bridge-End_Book_1-1.jpg

21 Jan - Happy 11th Birthday to Bumble, Charlie, Dylan, Lola and Ollie for tomorrow. Nice to know that they have reached another 'age milestone'. Meanwhile....Ziva has definitely developed the "What have you done to me?" look with just under a fortnight to go until she is due to give birth.

10 Jan - Just finished compiling and uploading new pedigree and photo pages for Bugsy, Cilla, Matsy and Nico as well as updated stud dog pages so feel free to browse them at your hearts content. Should just have time to trawl through and update every body elses pages between now and the beginning of February when Ziva is due to give birth.

6 Jan - Well as a strange week draws to a close it was with a mixture of sadness and joy that we said goodbye to Nico, Cilla, Bugsy and Matsy today. Sadness because as any breeder will tell you after nurturing a puppy (or puppies) for the first eight weeks of their life you cannot help but be upset as each puppy goes out of the door in the arms of their new owners, and happiness because you know that they are going to loving homes where they will continue to grow through the 'Terrible Teens' into adulthood and be with them for many years. At the minute it is very quiet around here - without any sound of ripping or moving newspapers.

There is a lot to get packed into the final week as they travel to Seadown Veterinary Group in Hythe for Mr Mason to carry out their eye checks for Retinal Dysplasia then our vet at Pet Doctors for their final check-up and first inoculations and then comes microchipping of course - at least Kevin from Fairgolden Ultrasound and Microchipping comes to the house. Then of course there is all the paperwork that selling a puppy entails - sales contracts, change of ownership, etc,, etc., etc.

The bonus this time when Kevin came to microchip the pups he also scanned Ziva and confirmed that she is pregnant with possibly three pups and non-committed on a fourth - if you can interpret ultrasound pictures have a go at Ziva's below.

As an additional 'bonus'(?) when the hard drive failed we lost all our calendar information so apologies for any birthdays we miss until I can feed them all back in to give us reminders when they are due and then this week we got hit by the Microsoft (un)reliabilty problem of all our e-mail contacts mysteriously disappearing so something else to be rebuilt.


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