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25 Jan ~ Time to remember our own dear Jade, sadly lost to us what seems like only a few months ago but was in fact nearly two years now ~ what a character she was right to the end.

21 Jan ~ Firstly it is time to remember Amber's third litter from 2007 and they are Charlie, Ollie, Dylan, Bumble and Lola all waiting over Rainbow's Bridge for their families.
On a more practical note I have finally finished Stage 1 of the bienniel website check which at the minute stands at 353 web pages and 3835 JPEGs of one sort or another ~ now you know why it takes so long and why I only do every other year. Stage 2 now entails going through the listing against the webpage and deleting all the orphans from the web host!! As it stands all revised webpages and/or new photo's have all been uploaded.

2 Jan 2022 ~ Happy New Year to one and all and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well as a reasonably quiet New Years evening with the idiots and their fireworks. For some bizarre reason our local yokels started letting off their bang sticks at 6PM ~ why?

Rant over, it is also time to wish Happy 9th Birthday to Patch, Teddy, Coco and Sophie from Willow's second litter in 2013 ~ enjoy your day little ones.

24 Dec ~ Happy Christmas to one and all from myself, Trish and all the girls ~ may you Christmas be free from stress and enjoyed with your family and friends in these troubled times.

Well I did not think I would make it - but having reviewed/added/amended all the web pages up to, and including Murphy, that's 213 web pages reviewed and about 1400 photo's reviewd/added - I am now going to take a few days off until after Boxing Day at least.

19 Dec ~ Birthday time again as it is Happy 14th Birthday today for Gizmo and Sizzles and remembered In Memorium their brother Marbles; all from Sasha's second litter. Website review also rogressing as I have now made it to the middle of those beginning with the letter L ~ when reach the end of the letter M I will upload the next batch to the wesite.

9 Dec ~ Yet more birthdays ~ this time it is Happy 13th Birthday for the 10th December for our own Willow and her brothers Jasper and Coby and remembered In Memorium their brother Louis; all from Sasha's third, and last, litter.

8 Dec ~ Birthday time again with the advent of Bailey's birthday today and remembered In Memorium his brother Charlie from Lucy's second litter. Also the first 120 web pages are checked and updated (A-H) so I will be uploading them shortly - only another 240 to go!!

27 Nov (Part 2) ~ Just back from church and found two emails ~ one from Tony, Yuriko and Jasmine with birthday pictures of Stan and one from Jasmine, Paul and family with birthday pictures of Hendricks. So here are a couple of each young man (The cake looks very scrumptious I must say).

Stan-10th Birthday-1.jpg Stan-10th Birthday-2.jpg Hendricks-10th Birthday-1.jpg Hendricks-10th Birthday-2.jpg
Stan Hendricks

27 Nov ~ First, Happy 10th Birthday to Stan and Hendricks for the 27th Nov to Stan and Hendricks from Lucy's last litter. Two fine gentlemen from a refined lady - enjoy your special day boys. On a more mundane note my annual revue of all the pages of the website and double-checking all the info is correct and the latest photo's are incorporated ~ so if you have sent a recent picture it will appear in goodly time. So far 37 pages done ~ only 316 to go!!

10 Oct ~ A one of set of puppies leave the fold it is time to wish another litter Happy Birthday ~ in this case it is Happy 4th Birthday to Bugsy, Cilla, Matsy and Nico ~ enjoy your day. Speeaking of Matsy, Mick and Tricia have sent us a of photo of the birthday girl plus another out for a walk with housemate Molly.

Matsy-2021_11_06.jpg Matsy and Mollie-2021_11_02.jpg
Birthday Girl Matsy and Molly out for a walk

29 Oct ~ Well, the last two pups (Willow and Kingsley) have left for the new homes and now the house really does feel strange. Eight weeks of puppy 'management' and then no puppies. Meanwhile they have each had their own photo pages created on the website and they can be found either by going to the master photo page or by clicking on their name - Dolly, Kingsley, Mabel, Molly or Willow

26 Oct ~ Firstly Happy 6th Birthday to Mouse and Rosie for today but, secondly it is day of mixed feelings as the first of Abbie and Mouse's puppies leave today for their new home ~ Molly by name. Then it will be the turn of Dolly to pack her bags followed by Mabel and then Willow and Kingsley on Friday. Always a strange time when the little ones go to their new forever homes ~ even though we have five adult dogs the place always seems that much emptier


If you are/have been an owner or owners of an Enigmai Cavaliers puppy since we started breeding in 2002 could you please, please help us out by sending us an e-mail with your current contact details to us HERE. It really will be an enormous help.