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3 Oct ~ Just a quick one this week to say that Abbie's puppies are doing well and are well into solid food, even if they do spray it everywhere trying to eat it before A.N.Other does - except for Sage, who is a bit more 'dignified' and just gets on with eating each kibble individually. Of course when meal times over, then it's playtime, then it's toilet time followed by more playtime until finaly it's nap time as you can see below.

Sleepy_Pups-Oct21-1.jpg Sleepy_Pups-Oct21-2.jpg

3 Oct ~ Pups now well into solid food and creating mayhem. Thankfully(?) they are now well settled into the puppy end of the living/dining room so they have plenty of room to run around and after nine-o'clock feed puppy madness begins with access to the whole area ~ and the adult dogs to play with ~ well those that don't hide on the couch of course! Also today they have been introduced to the outside world of the patio on those brief occasions when the sun was out and it wasn't raing.

No 1 daughter put in a 'complaint' that there was not enough puppy pictures so here are a few....

Willow_Sage_Sam-Oct21-Patio-1.jpg Willpow-Oct21-Patio-1.jpg Sable_Sue-Oct21-Patio-1.jpg
Patio playtime

Sam_Sage-Oct21-Playtime-1.jpg Sam_Sage_Sable_Sue_Willow-2021_09_19.jpg Sam_Sable_Sue_Willow_Sage-Oct21-Sleeptime-1.jpg
Sage patiently waiting for her turn

Chase time

Had enough time

25 Sep ~ Weaning of the little progressing and they now have the low ramp on so they are investigating the joys of walking all the way to the and and back and either sleeping where they collapse or in the whelping box if they make it that far! Better than falling out of the box when their adventurous spirit gets the better of them!!
Sadly there are lot of past 'puppies' to remember for tomorrow (26 Sep) starting with our own Amber and her sister Cassie ~ the first two girls we ever bred way back in 2002 from our first Cavalier, Heidi. Then it is our own Lucy and her littermates Keira, Ralph, Duchy, Molly and Monty from Amber's first litter in 2004 and lastly Poppy, Maximus, Diesel and Harvey from Heidi's last litter in 2005. All sadly missed and waiting over Rainbow's Bridge for their families to join them.

22 Sep ~ Well Abbie's young ones are now three weeks old and growing exponentially ~ with mum giving lots of goodness. We have also started weaning them today as well to take some of the feeding strain of mum ~ they are a very greedy offspring it has to be said but now that they can see, hear and walk(?) there is no escape for mum when she gets in the whelping box!

At the other end of the life cycle we remember Max who was the single surviving offspring of Heidi's second litter in 2003 together with Buffy and Chloe from her third litter in 2004.

19 Sep ~ Quick puppy check and photo call on Abbie's puppies. All now with their eyes well and truly opened and in the process of ear opening. Vocally they have all reached the 'trilling' stage with two or three with definite barks for attention ~ notably Sam and Willow (Sarah as was). Latest picture below and I am working my way through the various e-mails and updating pages as I go. Oh, and as Sunday is grooming day in our house below on the left is Ziva just groomed and on the right is Ziva 30 seconds later after doing nose zooms over the carpet in protest.

Top to Bottom ~ Sam, Sage, Sable, Sue and Willow

Ziva-2021_09_19-1.jpg Ziva-2021_09_19-2.jpg

11 Sep ~ Another of those sad but glad reporting days today. Glad because Abbie's puppies continue to grow and have almost doubled their birth weight. Sad because Jenny and Andrew sent the sad news that Marbles from Sasha's second litter in 2007 had passed over Rainbow's Bridge at the grand age of 13-1/2 ~ a picture from two days before his journey is below.

Marbles_Jul21.jpg Sage_Sam_Sarah_Sue_Sable-2021_09_11.jpg

Top, L to R ~ Sage, Sam and Sarah
Bottom LtoR Sue and Sable

31 Aug ~ Well we have deliberately not updated the website for the last few weeks until we were absolutely certain of the outcome of Abbie's pregnancy ~ the results speak for themselves with five pups scanned and five puppies born. So welcome into the world Sable, Sarah, Sue, Sam and Sage, born in that order over five hours of delivery. Picture below of mum and babies with a couple of scans. Needless to say their due date was 3rd September ~ hence all their litter names begin with 'S'

Sadly though Karen and Ollie also let us know that they had had to make that horrible decision that we all hate and now Buster is waiting over Rainbow's Bridge. Seems like only yesterday we were wishing him haapy 10th birthday; he was one of the puppies from Willow's very first litter. The picture that they sent us of Buster is below and will naturally go on his own page.

Abbie Scan - 1 - 2021_08_07.jpg Abbie Scan - 2 - 2021_08_07.jpg
Scans of the puppies at five weeks

Abbie_Sable_Sam_Sarah - 2021_08_31.jpg Abbie_Sam_Sage_Sarah_Sable_Sue - 2021_08_31.jpg
Abbie with Sable,Sam and Sarah at about 0630

Abbie with Sam, Sage, Sarah, Sable and Sue at about 0930


27 Jun ~ There has obviously been something about hot summer births over the years with birthday wishes for tomorrow (28 June) to a couple of oldies as this time it is Happy 12th Birthday for today to Sadie and Harry and not to be forgotten their two sisters Ruby and Rosie ~ all from Amber's final litter in 2009.

20 Jun ~ More birthday wishes to bestow today ~ this time it's Happy 4th Birthday for today to Chunk, Ziggy, Jasper and Bertie from Crystal's second litter in 2017 ~ hope you all have a wonderful day. Meanwhilst..... Julia has sent us a picture of Buddy enjoying his third birthday with dressing assistance from Julia's daughter.

Buddy -  3rd birthday.jpg

17 Jun ~ Happy 12th Birthday for tomorrow to Ace and Poppy from Lucy's third litter in 2009 ~ not forgetting their dear departed sister, Ella. In addition George and Wendy sent us a picture of the two half-sisters this morning. Eldest is of course Cilla whose father was (Trirayne) Chutney whilst the youngest is Annabella whose father was Freddy (Harana Domingo) and I don't think there is any guesswork in who their mother is ~ Katie ~ comparison picture (if needed) attached.

Cilla_Bella-Jun21.jpg Katie-Dec20.jpg

16 Jun ~ Happy 3rd Birthday for tomorrow to Bo, Buddy, Harley and Ralph representing Crystal's final litter in 2018. Speaking of birthdays ~ here is one of Max on his 9th that Julie was kind enough to send us, I seem to have lost the one I took of Crystal somewhere in the ether, guess I'll have to take another to add to the other 11489 doggie photos on the system.

9 Jun ~ Happy 9th Birthday for tomorrow to Max and our own Crystal - the only two from Jade's final litter in 2012. Been a bit of struggle keeping up with the website at the minute what with having an ingrowing toenail removed after an 18 month wait because of Covid restrictions, then a gentle drive down to Worplesden for heart testing on all the girls followed by the wound site getting infected plus a few other stressful moments which are still ongoing. As soon as I get a moment I will do a proper trawl of the e-mails and update any photo pages.

7 May ~ Happy 11th Birthday for tomorrow to Lexie and Teddy from Lucy's fourth litter in 2010; also remembering their sister Millie sadly taken before her time. Enjoy your day and may you have many more.

29 Apr ~ Happy 13th Birthday for tomorrow to Honey and her sister Bella from Amber's fourth litter in 2008 - here's hoping you ladies enjoy your day. Speaking of which below is a photo from Vickie in celebration Izzie's seventh birthday and one from Mary of Annabella having reached the grand age of six months.

Izzie_Mar21.jpg   Annabella_Apr21.jpg

20 Apr ~ Happy 7th Birthday for tomorrow to Nero, Izzie, Honey, Murphy and of course their sister, our own Ziva, all from Willow's final litter in 2014 - hope all you young ladies and gentlemen enjoy your day.

30 Mar ~ Happy 10th Birthday today to Bertie, Timmy, Queenie, Buster and Oscar from Willow's first litter - hope you all enjoy your day.

22 Mar ~ Lets begin by wishing a Happy 10th Birthday to Teddy, Riley, Hollie and Charlotte for today and also remembering In Memorium to their sister Poppy. Next, it's more birthday wishes ~ this time to Ruby, Dash and Bertie for tomorrow, 23 March for their 2nd Birthday; and finally remembering In Memorium to our own irrepressible Sasha sadly taken from us at seven years of age.

So, for those still with us, many happy returns and for those no longer with us, see you over Rainbow's Bridge.

10 Mar ~ One of those good days/bad days today. First of all wishing a Happy 3rd Birthday to our own irrepressible bundle of energy ~ Abbie. Secondly Vanessa informed us that Rosie (Enigmai Lady Fluor Titulina) from Ambers last litter had sadly succumbed to renal failure just shy of her 12th birthday and is now waiting over Rainbow's Bridge.

25 Feb ~ In Memorium today as we remember our own mischievious Jade who sadly passed over Rainbow's Bridge last year and who would have been 13 today.

20 Feb ~ In Memorium today as we remember brothers Zolo and Jonty from Sasha's very first litter who would have been 15 today.

15 Feb ~ Happy 2nd Birthday for 16th February to Mollie, Charlie, Percy and Reuben - Enjoy your day.

9 Feb ~ Having trawled through the e-mails that somehow appeared the work of a few days has resulted in updated photo pages for Annabella, Bertie (2), Bertie(3), Bumble, Hendricks, Jasper (1), Jasper (2), Lily, Max (2), Mouse, Nico, Oscar, Prince, Rosie (1), Sopie, Stan and Ziggy ~ so enjoy a few moments browsing.

8 Feb ~ Happy 5th Birthday today for our very own Katie - who is still mad and madly active with Abbie and Ziva - whilst Willow looks on with elderly disdain and Crystal often shocks them by joining in the fun of the chase!

2 Feb ~ Happy 3rd Birthday today for Prince and Hamlet from Ziva's first litter in 2018.

25 Jan ~ In Memorium today for our own mischievious Jade whom we sadly lost last year and who would have been celebrating their 13th Birthday today.

21 Jan ~ First off we remember Charlie, Ollie, Dylan, Bumble and Lola who were the puppies from Amber's third litter and who would have been celebrating their 13th Birthday tomorrow.

Also, after a remarkably quiet trip down to Barton On Sea on Monday it would appear that Ziva is not pregnant. Try as she might Kim could just not find any hidden away anywhere so it looks like we will now have to wait until July to have another attempt. Almost got the time now to cull the e-mails and get the photo pages up to date!

2 Jan 2021 ~ What a year 2020 has been for all of us ~ I don't know about the rest of the country but it seems that around our neck of the woods the new litter of choice is.....yep, you've guessed it.....disposable face masks! On a more cheerful note Annabella seems to have settled into her new environs, now we just wait to see in a couple of weeks time if Ziva successfully mated with Mouse.
Birthday wise it is time to wish Patch, Teddy, Coco and Sophie a happy 7th Birthday today (2)nd January).
If all of you who have sent us recent photo's over Christmas haven't yet seen them on the website it is because we have been moving Trish's mum into new supported living accommodation with all the associated bits that go with it ~ like movers taking literally all day and most of the evening and then cleaning all of her old flat with gerous help from Gemma. Yours truly, Cream Crackered. Worth it though as her new place is fantastic and the staff are so helpful and cheerful. Few more bits to do to finish things off and then I can get around to updating the website bits.

9 Dec ~ Well, hard to believe that Annabella will be leaving us tomorrow to go to here new home ~ what an intense few weeks this litter has proven to be, plus losing one of my younger brothers very unexpectedly at the same time. Unfortunately we also had new from Mel and Jo that both Zack and Zolo have departed over Rainbow's Bridge. In addition to all that, it looks like Ziva has now come into season as well ~ and all things being equal we should be mating her at the end of the week.

So the cycle of life goes on.
On a birthday note we remember Charley and Bailey who would have celebrated their 13th Birthday on the 8th December and also early birthday wishes to Jasper, Coby and our own Willow who will be celebrating their 12th Birthday tomorrow, 10th December, not forgetting their departed brother Louis.

25 Nov ~ Sadly we had to give up the fight with little Olive on Sunday and let her travel over Rainbow's Bridge ~ she put up a good fight bless her but it was obviously not meant to be.

On a happier note, her sister is now called Annabella and will be going to live close to, and sometimes with, Cilla ~ her half-sister, who paid us a visit as part of the 'viewing' process. Also early birthday wishes to Stan and Hendricks who will be celebrating their 9th Birthday on Friday 27 November.

11 Nov ~ Firstly - Happy 3rd Birthday to Bugsy, Cilla, Matsy and Nico for 11th November - some birthday snaps below; plus one of Izzie sunbathing on the beach at the bottom of the garden and one of Lily cuddled up with her housemates.

Olive and Opal are now progressing with weaning and, thankfully, the 0300 feed is now a thing of the past. They have also now progressed to their first tentative steps which, as is the norm, backwards and in a circle, thus mum is a little less protective and the pups now have an extra very attentative mum in the shape of Abbie - who also makes sure that both ends are clean!

Cilla Matsy Nico
Katie, Opal and Olive Daisy, Lily, Rosy and Honey Izzie

25 Oct ~ We have deliberately not updated the website until things had settled(?) down on the whelping front so now seems like a good time - but first, Happy 5th Birthday for tomorrow to brother and sister Mouse and Rosie - hope you have a good one.

Katie fooled everybody by giving birth a week prematurely and finally had seven puppies, 4 Ruby girls, 1 Ruby boy and two Blenheim boys - unfortunately four of them were still-born leaving two Ruby girls and a Blenheim boy. As it is October they became Olive, Opal and Odin. Due to Fading Puppy Syndrome we then lost Odin after three days. Then the God of Circumstance struck again because we were not happy with the way Katie her self was behaving so we managed to get her into Brook House Friday afternoon where, after scanning and blood work whereby her red blood cell count had dropped to 15%, requiring a blood transfusion, and pyometria was diagnosed as well. After Vanessa contactied Animed at Shedfield we transported her over there Friday evening and they assumed her care; in fact they were so worried about her red cell count they rang us at 0130 to let us know how she was doing. By Saturday morning it was diagnosed that she had retained part of a placenta and had been trickle bleeding internally for over a week with nobody any the wiser. Saturday Animed had managed to source blood with a five-hour transit time. This morning they were so pleased with her that they could finally go ahead and carry out an operation to 'clean' her out and spay her. Turns out the placenta had attached itself to wall of the uterus were she had had the caesarean op for her first litter.

So now we wait for her to recover enough to come home, hopefully tomorrow - BUT - guess who has by necessity beoming 'puppy-parents' and bottle feeding Olive and Opal every 4-5 hours, 24/7 and assisting with bodily functions at the other end of course. As any responsible dog owner will tell you - you are responsible for what comes out as well as what goes in! Luckily we have always had a beating heart companion and it has really come into its own as Olive and Opal gravitate towards it and cuddle up to the beating heart by burrowing underneath it so you wonder where they have gone.

Anyway here are some photo's of Katie and her family.

Katie_Olive_Opal_Odin-2020_10_15.jpg Olive_Opal-2020_10_15.jpg Opal_Olive-2020_10_24.jpg
Katie, Olive, Opal and Odin Opal and Olive Opal and Olive - with the beating heart dog

4 Oct ~ Just a few revisions to the website with Lily now having her own photo and pedigree pages in the respective leavers sections and Mouse now has his own entry in the stud dog pages along with Freddy. Katie's ever expanding 'waistline' and mobile puppies makes getting comfortable a real problem for her. We took her down to see Kim for a scan last week and the prognosis would seem to be about five little Katie's hiding in various positions ~ scans below.
Katie-Litter_3-Scan-1.jpg Katie-Litter_3-Scan-2.jpg
Katie-Litter_3-Scan-3.jpg Katie-Litter_3-Scan-4.jpg

25 Sep ~ No birthdays to celebrate at this time but a time to remember those who would have celebrated their birthdays tomorrow - Amber and Cassie (DoB 2002) who were our first Cavaliers born to our little Heidi, herself our first Cavalier. Next - Keira, Ralph, Duchy, Lucy, Molly and Monty born in 2004 and Amber's first litter. Finally - Poppy, Maximus, Diesel and Harvey who Heidi's last litter in 2005. All sadly missed - Rest in Peace little ones.

On a happy/sad note, tomorrow sees Lily depart for her new home and her new family and housemates. Sad, because we have been there for her and mum non-stop for eight weeks so her going will leave a big hole - but - happy because we know she is going to a loving home, where, being a puppy she will think she rules the roost!

17 Sep ~ One of those horrible/joyful times this week. The horrible tidings being that Janet wrote to inform us that Louis, Willow's litter brother, succumbed to cancer and passed over Rainbow's Bridge yesterday ~ we know what a wrench making such a decision is and our hearts go out to them for their loss.
The joyful tidings are that Lily continues to grow and has had a successful vet check with just her eyes to be done at Optivet ~ and absolutely thinks heaven is a garden when she is allowed down for supervised play with those seniors who deign to participate. Oh, and thinks meal times are just another variation of playtime and should be spread over many minutes with plenty of human interaction.

1 Sep ~ Busy few days - the most important of which is that Judie is henceforth Lily and will join Becky and Mark (and their girls of course) in but a few weeks time - lovely to see them and Rosie. Other than that it has been a bit manic as the Sky box blew its brains out and the replacement was Sunday between 0800-1700, which meant Lily could not be moved as planned, so that slipped to Monday. That took longer than normal because the new 'puppy carpet' was longer in both dimensions and the carpet fitter (Me!) stopped for lunch half-way through. Then it was move Lily and trappings from the study to the bottom of the living room and move the adults accoutrements to the study. Followed by puppy proofing the patio and blocking mummy off from any short-cuts plus a visit from Chaz and daughter to see Mouse's progeny. Continuing in the animal vent off around to the vets this PM to get what turned out to be a grass seed removed from the top of Crystal's front paw with Lily's first steps onto the patio - not the least bit bothered by it. Anyway here a couple of pics of the little bundle - one asserting herself on mum and the other from her trip to the patio.

Abbie_Lily-2020_08_30.jpg Lily-2020_09_01.jpg

15 Aug ~ No birthdays to celebrate so we thought we would brighten a rainy day with a photo of mother and daughter fast asleep yeaterday. As you can see Julie is proving to be somewhat of a large child who has already trebled her birth weight. Next step for her is the beginning of the weaning process - but - before that Katie is now in season so atrip to High Wycombe next week is on the cards, and then watch this space.


30 Jul ~ Well the wait finally came to an end last evening ~ at tea-time of course! After keeping us up for most of Tuesday night digging and then sleeping most of Wednesday a couple of minutes before five out came a big puppy weighing in at 225 grammes. Then the big wait began for the next puppy to appear, but after three hours with no sign of action off we went to the MiNite Veterinary Hospital at Shedfield for an examination and x-ray (and big hole in pocket) to confirm that the were no more pups to be had. Ah well one is a whole lot better than none - so here are a couple pictures mother and daughter, whom we are calling Judie at the moment.

Abbie_Judie-20_07_29-2.jpg Abbie_Judie-20_07_29-1.jpg

19 Jul ~ More Birthday wishes in order, this time for Ziggy, Jasper, Chunk and Bertie - who will celebrate their 3rd birthdays tomorrow, all from Crystal's second litter with Chutney (Trirayne Chutney) in 2017.

17 Jul ~ Birthday wishes in order today as Poppy and Ace prepare to celebrate their 11th birthdays tomorrow, both from Lucy's third litter with Jonas (Tayfern Tribute) and awaiting over Rainbow's Bridge is their sister Ella.

7 Jul ~ With heavy heart it falls on us to notify of another passing over Rainbows Bridge, this time, and at the grand age of 13-1/2, it is Ollie (Enigmai Sir Piconite Nestor) from Amber's third litter in January 2007. Our thoughts and condolences are with Dawn and Simon as we know all too well the pain that it leaves saying goodbye to a friend and member of the family.

On a ~(hopefully) happier note Kim scanned Abbie last week and at the minute there are three puppies showing. Hopefully things will go better this time and we might make a very small dent in the waiting list ~ which we have had to close as we cannot hope to fulfil any more additions.

27 Jun ~ Continuing the June birthdays, tomorrow is the birthday of Rosie, Sadie and Harry from Amber's final litter in 2009 and In Memorium to their sister Ruby. Tuesday will see us taking a drive down to Barton on Sea to see Kim with Abbie to see her dad and to get her scanned to confirm yea or nay whether she actually is 'with pup'. She is certainly showing encouraging signs ~ but it hasn't stopped her chasing toys and housemates at 'n'-rate of knots around the environs!

19 Jun ~ June has obviously been a busy time over the years as it is now time to wish Happy 3rd Birthday to Chunk, Ziggy, Jasper and their sister Bertie for tomorrow 20 June. Plus Pat C has sent us a picture of Poppy out for a birthday stroll on West Wittering beach.

17 Jun ~ Birthday wishes time again, this time it is Happy 11th Birthday to Ace and Poppy for tomorrow, 18th June . Also, In Memorium to their sister Ella, lost just after her 10th birthday last year. All of course from Lucy's third litter in 2009.

15 Jun ~ First things first, Happy 2nd Birthday to Bo, Buddy, Harley & Ralph for tomorrow, 17th June . Speaking of Bo and Harley they have now had there new photo's incorporated into their photo pages ~ together with those of Max, Crystal, Matsy, Mollie, Jasper, Abbie, Bertie, Hendricks, Teddy and Izzie; with a revamp of Jade's last page.

9 Jun ~ After laying Jade to rest with the rest of the girls who have passed over Rainbows Bridge still waiting for the memorial plaque to arrive to mark the site. On a happier note it is time to wish a Happy 8th Birthday for the 10th June to Max and his sister, our very own Crystal, from Jade's last litter back on 2012. Picture of each below. Also included are pictures of Matsy and Mollie from Mick & Tricia and a 3rd Birthday pic of Jasper from Dawn; plus to give some idea of the size of Lego digger one take with Abbie meeting it on its test run.

Max2_Jun20.jpg Crystal_Jun20.jpg Matsy_Jun20.jpg Mollie_May20.jpg Jasper2_3rd_Birthday.jpg Abbie_R9800-May20.jpg
Max Crystal Matsy Mollie Jasper Abbie + R9800

31 May ~ On a sombre note we picked up Jade's ashes from Southampton and I am now in the process of manufacturing the aluminimum over-casket so that she can be laid to rest with the rest of the girls on the rockery. However ~ on a more joyful note we took Abbie for her mating with Mouse (Enigmai Sir Apatite Zeus) on Monday. Unfortunately she was more interested in playing than doing the deed so we returned on Tuesday when they had a tie (Just as we thought it was another no-go). Albeit a very brief tie as thing go, but a tie nonetheless ~ now it's a case of watch this space.

Speaking of Abbie, I finally finished the monster digger and she did not quite no what to make of it moving around on the floor what with the boom going up and down ~ plus the fact that is almost as big as she is! I took a short video with my phone which I shall have to upload.

Speaking of uploading we have have received more than a few photo's so another job for yours truly is to update the various photo pages. Meanwhile here is sample pic of each.
Bertie3-2020_03_15.jpg Bo-2019_09_14.jpg Harley-2020_05_30.jpg Hendricks-2020_04_29.jpg Teddy1-2020_05_08.jpg Izzie-2020_05_05.jpg
Bertie Bo Harley Hendricks Teddy Izzie

19 May ~ Sadly we had to take Jade to Southampton for her final vet's visit yesterday, we just could not bear to see her struggling to even stand and eat her food. A heart wrenching decision to make at the best of times but we felt that it was the only course of action to take once her health took a nosedive; thankfully Michael, our normal vet from Pet Doctors (Chandlers Ford), was on duty at the grouped practice and insisted on seeing her himself. He has known her through good and bad all her life and it was only fitting that it should be him that helped her pass over Rainbow's Bridge. Many thanks to Julie Webb for entrusting her to us way back in 2008 - she was a great and loving companion and mother/grandmother to both her own offspring and others as well.

Before that sad event I managed to take a couple of shots of the lady herself with a couple of the others keeping a careful eye on her - Abbie was particularly mindful of walking with her up and down the ramp over the last few weeks. So here is just a sample..........

2020_05_18-Jade-1.jpg 2020_05_18-Ziva_Jade-1.jpg 2020_05_18-Abbie_Jade-1.jpg

8 May ~ Happy 10th Birthday to Lexie and Teddy from Lucy's fourth litter in 2010 ~ enjoy youR day. On a sadder note we also remember with fondness their sister Millie unexpectedly taken from us at a young age.

30 Apr ~ Firstly Happy 12th Birthday to Honey and Bella from Amber's fourth litter in 2008 ~ enjoy you day girls. Secondly, and also on a high note, Willow is continuing to improve and is hopefully well and truly recovered from gastric bug. Our pets certainly know how to worry us it has to be said.

20 Apr ~ Well the old phrase that says "May you live in interesting times." has never been more true than our present state of affairs in the world at the moment. The two metre interaction proved a challenge early last Monday when we had to take poor Willow to the AniMed Veterinary Hospital at Shedfield on Easter Monday as she developed Acute Canine Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis after being up with all night bless her ~ luckily(?) after the extreme case of it she had in 2016 we realised what it was. Sitting outside phoning inside to get somebody to come outside and look at her, then take her inside whilst we waited outside was somewhat stressful. You have to give them their due they found the time twice a day to keep us up to speed on her progress and recovery until she was sufficiently recovered to collect her on Wednesday evening. Bland diet and antibiotics for a week and gradually wean her back on to her normal food is the order of the day.

On a lighter note we have to wish Happy 6th Birthday to Izzie, Honey, Murphy, Nero and our own Ziva for tomorrow 20th April - keep safe and enjoy the day.


If you are/have been an owner or owners of an Enigmai Cavaliers puppy since we started breeding in 2002 could you please, please help us out by sending us an e-mail with your current contact details to us HERE. It really will be an enormous help.