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27 Jun ~ Continuing the June birthdays, tomorrow is the birthday of Rosie, Sadie and Harry from Amber's final litter in 2009 and In Memorium to their sister Ruby. Tuesday will see us taking a drive down to Barton on Sea to see Kim with Abbie to see her dad and to get her scanned to confirm yea or nay whether she actually is 'with pup'. She is certainly showing encouraging signs ~ but it hasn't stopped her chasing toys and housemates at 'n'-rate of knots around the environs!

19 Jun ~ June has obviously been a busy time over the years as it is now time to wish Happy 3rd Birthday to Chunk, Ziggy, Jasper and their sister Bertie for tomorrow 20 June. Plus Pat C has sent us a picture of Poppy out for a birthday stroll on West Wittering beach.


17 Jun ~ Birthday wishes time again, this time it is Happy 11th Birthday to Ace and Poppy for tomorrow, 18th June . Also, In Memorium to their sister Ella, lost just after her 10th birthday last year. All of course from Lucy's third litter in 2009.

15 Jun ~ First things first, Happy 2nd Birthday to Bo, Buddy, Harley & Ralph for tomorrow, 17th June . Speaking of Bo and Harley they have now had there new photo's incorporated into their photo pages ~ together with those of Max, Crystal, Matsy, Mollie, Jasper, Abbie, Bertie, Hendricks, Teddy and Izzie; with a revamp of Jade's last page.

9 Jun ~ After laying Jade to rest with the rest of the girls who have passed over Rainbows Bridge still waiting for the memorial plaque to arrive to mark the site. On a happier note it is time to wish a Happy 8th Birthday for the 10th June to Max and his sister, our very own Crystal, from Jade's last litter back on 2012. Picture of each below. Also included are pictures of Matsy and Mollie from Mick & Tricia and a 3rd Birthday pic of Jasper from Dawn; plus to give some idea of the size of Lego digger one take with Abbie meeting it on its test run.

Max2_Jun20.jpg Crystal_Jun20.jpg Matsy_Jun20.jpg Mollie_May20.jpg Jasper2_3rd_Birthday.jpg Abbie_R9800-May20.jpg
Max Crystal Matsy Mollie Jasper Abbie + R9800

31 May ~ On a sombre note we picked up Jade's ashes from Southampton and I am now in the process of manufacturing the aluminimum over-casket so that she can be laid to rest with the rest of the girls on the rockery. However ~ on a more joyful note we took Abbie for her mating with Mouse (Enigmai Sir Apatite Zeus) on Monday. Unfortunately she was more interested in playing than doing the deed so we returned on Tuesday when they had a tie (Just as we thought it was another no-go). Albeit a very brief tie as thing go, but a tie nonetheless ~ now it's a case of watch this space.

Speaking of Abbie, I finally finished the monster digger and she did not quite no what to make of it moving around on the floor what with the boom going up and down ~ plus the fact that is almost as big as she is! I took a short video with my phone which I shall have to upload.

Speaking of uploading we have have received more than a few photo's so another job for yours truly is to update the various photo pages. Meanwhile here is sample pic of each.
Bertie3-2020_03_15.jpg Bo-2019_09_14.jpg Harley-2020_05_30.jpg Hendricks-2020_04_29.jpg Teddy1-2020_05_08.jpg Izzie-2020_05_05.jpg
Bertie Bo Harley Hendricks Teddy Izzie

19 May ~ Sadly we had to take Jade to Southampton for her final vet's visit yesterday, we just could not bear to see her struggling to even stand and eat her food. A heart wrenching decision to make at the best of times but we felt that it was the only course of action to take once her health took a nosedive; thankfully Michael, our normal vet from Pet Doctors (Chandlers Ford), was on duty at the grouped practice and insisted on seeing her himself. He has known her through good and bad all her life and it was only fitting that it should be him that helped her pass over Rainbow's Bridge. Many thanks to Julie Webb for entrusting her to us way back in 2008 - she was a great and loving companion and mother/grandmother to both her own offspring and others as well.

Before that sad event I managed to take a couple of shots of the lady herself with a couple of the others keeping a careful eye on her - Abbie was particularly mindful of walking with her up and down the ramp over the last few weeks. So here is just a sample..........

2020_05_18-Jade-1.jpg 2020_05_18-Ziva_Jade-1.jpg 2020_05_18-Abbie_Jade-1.jpg

8 May ~ Happy 10th Birthday to Lexie and Teddy from Lucy's fourth litter in 2010 ~ enjoy youR day. On a sadder note we also remember with fondness their sister Millie unexpectedly taken from us at a young age.

30 Apr ~ Firstly Happy 12th Birthday to Honey and Bella from Amber's fourth litter in 2008 ~ enjoy you day girls. Secondly, and also on a high note, Willow is continuing to improve and is hopefully well and truly recovered from gastric bug. Our pets certainly know how to worry us it has to be said.

20 Apr ~ Well the old phrase that says "May you live in interesting times." has never been more true than our present state of affairs in the world at the moment. The two metre interaction proved a challenge early last Monday when we had to take poor Willow to the AniMed Veterinary Hospital at Shedfield on Easter Monday as she developed Acute Canine Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis after being up with all night bless her ~ luckily(?) after the extreme case of it she had in 2016 we realised what it was. Sitting outside phoning inside to get somebody to come outside and look at her, then take her inside whilst we waited outside was somewhat stressful. You have to give them their due they found the time twice a day to keep us up to speed on her progress and recovery until she was sufficiently recovered to collect her on Wednesday evening. Bland diet and antibiotics for a week and gradually wean her back on to her normal food is the order of the day.

On a lighter note we have to wish Happy 6th Birthday to Izzie, Honey, Murphy, Nero and our own Ziva for tomorrow 20th April - keep safe and enjoy the day.

30 Mar ~ Happy 9th Birthday to Bertie, Timmy, Queenie, Buster and Oscar for 30th March - keep safe and enjoy the day.

21 Mar ~ A bit of cheer for a change as we wish Happy 8th Birthday to Teddy, Riley, Hollie and Charlotte for 22nd Mar and remember their sister Poppy waiting for them over Rainbow's Bridge. We hope that everybody is managing to cope with the COVID-19 restrictions and staying safe ~ especially with all the idiots unnecessarily panic buying. Hopefully it will soon pass.

15 Mar ~ Sadly Sue rang us yeterday morning to say that Lola, Bumbles' sister, had passed away that morning from kidney failure. Our thoughts are with them at this stressful time which is upsetting for us all as well as her housemates. Needless to say her name has been added to the Rainbow's Bridge page.

3 Mar ~ Just a few photo pages updated to cheer everybody up a bit after so much doom and gloom, notably Duchy, Keira and Bumble, but also Bertie, Dash, Izzie, Jasper, Lexie, Lola, Matsy, Max, Mollie, Nico, Ollie, Ralph, Rosie and Teddy

29 Feb ~ Then there is also another old saying ~ "The harbinger of doom." Which sums it all up today as Lorayne sent us an email to say that at the grand age of 13, Bumble (Enigmai Lady Mica Melpomene) from Amber's third litter had passed over Rainbow's Bridge this week and the family were there for her final moments. Requiescat In Pace little one.

27 Feb ~ There is an old saying which says ~ "It never rains but it pours." Sadly, that is very true for us at the moment. Just a month after losing all Crystal's litter, Saturday saw us sitting with Ziva as she gave birth to two little boys (whom we named Paddy and Phil after two of my brothers), followed not long after by a trip to the vets for an examination, scan and some oxytocin to expel a dead puppy from the womb. Then in the early evening it was across to the emergency vets at Animed with Paddy as he was failing fast. Thankfully things seem to settle down ~ until Monday, when we found poor Phil passed away in the whelping box for no viable reason as he had been feeding three hours earlier.

Then on Tuesday Rita sent us message to say that Duchy (Enigmai Sir Iridot Neptune) from Amber's first litter in 2004 had passed away at the grand age of 15-1/2. Following on from that we received another message from Rita on Wednesday to say that Duchy's housemate Molly had collapsed and passed away that morning. As if that was not enough, Henry, Lisette and Alysha sent an email to inform us that Keira (Enigmai Lady Andalusite Nyx), Duchy's sister had also passed over Rainbow's Bridge that morning. Our thoughts and sympathy are with them all. Requiescat In Pace

Just one of those web updates that you wish you did not have to do, or want to do again. I will update their web pages with photo's the families have sent and of course update the Rainbow's Bridge to join their names with the others remembered therein at the first opportunity.

19 Feb ~ Happy 13th Birthday to Zolo for tomorrow the 20th February and Requiescat In Pace to his brother Jonty.

16 Feb ~ Time to wish Happy First Birthday to Mollie, Charlie, Percy and Reuben from Ziva's second litter last February ~ which is rather appropriate as she is in the final few days of giving birth to her third litter, also by Alfie, so they will have some siblings.
Meanwhile poor Katie went in to have her teeth cleaned and came out with ten less than she went in, in spite of regular brushing and tooth/gum additives to keep them clean. Just another of those Cavvie things.

2 Feb ~ Girls groomed, Sunday dinner cooked (and eaten), plate of same delivered to mum along with Communion, finally time to sit down at the computer and wish a happy second birthday to Prince and Hamlet for today and also birthday wishes for our own bundle of hyper energy, Katie who will be four on the 8th February.

1 Feb ~ Kim has sent us a couple of screen shots of the scan - so here they are.
2020_01_25-Ziva_Litter_3-Scan_1.jpg 2020_01_25-Ziva_Litter_3-Scan_2.jpg

26 Jan ~ ... And so the Wheel of Life turns .... Thursday saw us making the hard decision for Sammi as she continued to lose body weight despite the joint efforts of mum Crystal feeding from the teat together with puppy milk from us every 2-3 hours and we could not let her suffer. So Thursday was a dark day for us as well as Crystal. A brighter day was on the horizon however as we took Ziva down to Barton on Sea to see Kim and she scanned three, probably four, little embryo's - which even I could see, including a little heart beating away! Definitive results in four weeks time.
Also, not forgetting Birthday wishes to Zak and Monty who will be celebrating their 13th Birthday on the 28th January. Remembering also their sister Mollie waiting for them over Rainbow's Bridge. All from Lucy's first litter in 2007.

22 Jan ~ Wishing a Happy 13th Birthday to Charlie, Bumble, Ollie, Lola and Dylan for today ~ all from Amber's fourth litter in 2007. Apologies to all for the tardiness of the greetings but the Cassidy household has been somewhat hectic since last Thursday with Crystal having to undergo an emergency Caesarean and having to be spayed at the same time due to mess inside. Result, mummy with virtually no milk and having to supplementary feed the one surviving pup in a battle to keep her alive - fingers crossed.

2 Jan ~ 2020 firmly with us and time to wish Happy 7th Birthday to Coco, Sophie, Patch and Teddy for today ~ all from Willow's second litter in 2013. Many thanks to all for the greetings over the festive season as well as the various photo's ~ which will of course end up on each gentleman's and lady's photo page at the first opportunity.

26 Dec ~ With the first bit of Christmas over, Midnight Mass duly celebrated and Christmas day with the younger grandchildren and mum for dinner, time to report on other events. Sounds like the title of a song, but, on the Friday before Christmas, off we battled through the traffic in, and out, of Southampton plus the M27 to see Kim down in dampest Barton on Sea with Crystal and Ziva. Result ~ three to four puppies appear to taken residence in Crystal and a good twenty minutes tie for Ziva with Alfie, plus an enjoyable couple of hours with Kim and her family.

Many thanks to all the Christmas messages from family and friends plus the latest batch of photo's to incorporate into the website.

19 Dec ~ Happy 12th Birthday wishes for tomorrow to Gizmo, Marbles and Sizzles from Sasha's second litter with Godfrey (Jezano On Silent Wings To Tayfern) in 2007.

9 Dec ~ Birthday wishes for tomorrow to Coby, Jasper, Louis and our own Willow from Sasha's last litter in 2008 who will all be 11. In addition Anna and Andy have sent us some photo's of Percy and Monty ~ two of which below ~ looking very Christmassy.

8 Dec ~ Birthday wishes to Bailey on the occasion of his 12th birthday and Requiescat In Pace to his brother Charlie who passed over Rainbow's Bridge in 2017.

2 Dec ~ Today we have to make a sad announcement as Becky and Mark have just informed us that they had to make the decision we alll hate and that, at the grand age of 14, Poppy has passed over Rainbow's Bridge. The only girl in Heidi's last litter, we share their loss.

28 Nov ~ Jazz very kindly sent us a couple of pictures of Hendricks and his two-legged brother and sister enjoying his 8th Birthday party (See below) together with some of him rock climbing at the beach earlier this year.

Whilst on happy notes I have finally finished the biennial website check ~ took longer than normal this year as I decided to update the Meta Data on each page, standardise layouts, check photo's on all the JPEG pages for the latest ones received, as well as update the pedigree pages with pictures of ancestors that I have managed to obtain from the WWW ~ so 340 web pages and 2700 JPEGs later all uploaded to the webhost.

Hendricks_8th_Birthday-1.jpg Hendricks_8th_Birthday-2.jpg

27 Nov ~ Happy 8th Birthday to the two brothers, Hendricks and Stan from Lucy's last litter in 2011. Also thanks to Tony and family for sending us a picture of Stan to mark the occassion ~ and looking very dapper with his bow tie.


10 Nov ~ Hot off the e-mail George and Wem have sent us a picture of Cilla taken this morning, pluse Sarah sent us couple of pictures of Prince down amongst the autumnal leaves.


10 Nov ~ Happy second birthday wishes for tomorrow for Bugsy, Cilla, Matsy and Nico from Katie's first litter. Joyce has very kindly sent us a couple of photo's of the birthday boy and Cavalier friends, which you can see below.

On the home front, so-to-speak, amidst torrential rain, blocked M3, road closed outside the entrance to the village hall necessitating a detour to get to the other side we made the pilgrimage to the SCKCS Club Open Show at Normandy yesterday ~ the hassle factor was unbelievable just to get there but luckily it was not raining on arrival so Trish and the girls made it inside in the dry. However...... yours truly ended a bit damp getting everything from the car in the rain ~ and even worse there were no bacon butties left! Still, between them Ziva, Katie and Abbie managed to get a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd and two Reserves. As ever the show dogs were magnificent to see in the ring so as 'itinerant' show people we were more than happy with the awards we got.

Bella (Tri - 2y), Rolo (Ruby - 18m), Nico and Bonnie (6 m)
enjoying each others company.

26 Oct ~ Birthday wishes today for Rosie and Mouse from Crystal's first litter with Ace (Enigmai Sir Triphane Cadmus at Pacchibei) who are celebrating their fourth birthday today.

20 Oct ~ In Memorium today for a very special lady ~ Heidi (Oakash Lady In Red At Enigmai) our very first Cavalier who joined our madhouse in 2000 ~ and what a super millenium baby she turned out to be. Nothing ever put her out and she was always a loving lady no matter the age of two- or four-legged companions and visitors.

25 Sep ~ Birthday wishes yet again for tomorrow this time, but first things first we remember with fondness the first two puppies we bred in 2002 ~ Amber and her sister Cassie from Heidi's first litter and Diesel and Harvey from her last litter in 2005; together with our own Lucy and her litter-mates Molly and Monty from Amber's first litter in 2004.

So... Birthday wishes to their surviving litter-mates ~ 15th Birthday greetings to Keira, Duchy and Ralph with 14th Birthday greetings to Poppy and Maximus. It did not matter which year it would seem that the 26th September was a busy time in our house.

22 Sep ~ Another fun filled month almost over with summer almost gone and the rain beating on the window time for a birthday greeting to Chloe and In Memorium to her sister Buffy - both from Heidi's third litter in 2004. Still progressing with the bi-enniel review of all the web pages and photo's which is now taking a bit longer to accomplish as mum-in-law had a fall on her 94th birthday and ended up breaking her femur in two places and ended up having a plate screwed in to hold everything together - so lots of hospital visiting to see a beautiful young lady whilst she recovers. So please bear with me if it takes a bit longer than normal to update photo page with pictures received.

4 Sep ~ Well here we are in September already and even down here in Hampshire there is more than a nip in the air when the sun goes down ~ ably helped by wind and rain on the odd occasion we get some. Finally finished going through all the photo's and individual photo pages so they are now all up to date with a selection of the wonderful photo's sent to us both before and after the PC crash. Next job now is to go through the miscellaneous pages to make sure that they are up to date plus the pedigree pages to make sure that I have got all the ancestral photo's included ~ keeps you on your toes because you have to keep two copies of the same programme open for comparison and copy/paste. What fun......

28 Aug ~ Apart from the real world interfering with the best laid plans, so far I have uploaded to the website updated/reviewed photo pages for Bertie3, Bo, Cassie, Charlie3, Cilla, Coby, Coco, Crystal, Dash, Dylan, Ella, Hamlet, Harley, Jade, Katie, both Leavers pages, Pedigrees, Residents, Ruby2, both Stud Dog pages, 3 x Willow, 4 x Ziva and , with the sad loss of Ella just after birthday, Rainbow's Bridge. Just a few down more to go!

17 Aug ~ Just a brief one to firstly thank those of you who responded to help us rebuild our owners database with your current details, secondly the mail has been recovered and I have managed to trawl through it and download all the photo's that have been sent of your four-footed family members - so the next step is to now go through all the necessary web pages and update the photo content - that'll keep me busy for a few days!!

In addition to all that Wen and George paid us a visit with Cilla (Enigmai Lady Opaline Caligo) after two hours seven very tired girls after much chasing and playing inside and out. Great to see them, nothing nicer.

28 Jul ~ Well, doesn't a hard drive going terminal really mess up your day/week/month/year! Although all our documents and pictures are stored in the cloud using our local firm Online PC Support who fixed the machine itself and re-installed the operating system architecture and programmes together with downloading all our files to the machine itself over a working week it has still meant installing quite a few of our own programmes myself - hence no web or Facebook updates for a while. Unfortunately the major drawback has been that, with the latest iterations of Windows 10 and Outlook we have lost all of our Contacts and Calendar data. Soooo.......


If you are/have been an owner or owners of an Enigmai Cavaliers puppy since we started breeding in 2002 could you please, please help us out by sending us an e-mail with your current contact details to us HERE. It really will be an enormous help.