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18 Feb - Firstly, one birthday to celebrate with Zolo for his 12th on the 20th February and In Memorium to his brother Jonty; both from Sasha's first litter way back in 2006.

Plus, for Ziva the wait is finally over ~ two days over in fact! With labour beginning Friday night and 'dragging on' through the early hours and into the day we eventually had to visit our favourite vets for Nazeema to examine her. As there was a puppy in the birth canal an injection of Oxytocin was called for and, with what was probably the fastest reaction on record, literally five minutes later out popped Frank (192g) at 4 o'clock followed by Fred (159g) at 4:05 o'clock and little Felix (110g) at 4:16 o'clock. All three Blenheim boys and as it's February all names beginning with F seemed appropriate for their initial names. Needless to say everything then went quiet and, as Pet Doctors closes at 4:30 on a Saturday, Oxytocin number two was given at 4:45. As nothing had happened by 5:15 we all agreed we would be homeward bound and contact the emergency vets if nothing happened at the end of a two hour period. Needless to say madam started digging on the way home, got through the door and into the whelping box with the boys and at 17:37 along came Finn (185g) ~ yet another boy, but a Tricolour this time. We could not decide whether we could feel another puppy and everything went quiet.......... Until 7:10 when out popped another Tricolour but this time it was actually a girl ~ Fiona weighing in at a gramme's difference from her brother at 184g. Pictures of mum and her babies below.

Then in about five weeks time (hopefully) do it all again with Katie!!

Proud mum with her babies...... ......Pups are always hungry, however...... ......They do eventually sleep.
Fred, Finn, Felix, Fiona and Frank

3 Feb - A couple of more photo's to share. Firstly, one of birthday boy Hamlet, courtesy of Mariam and Marlon, and secondly, one of Honey, Rosie and Poppy all snuggled up together, courtesy of Mark and Becky,

Hamlet Honey, Rosie and Poppy

2 Feb - Another birthday celebration, in this case it is Happy 1st Birthday to Prince and Hamlet for the 2nd February from Ziva's first litter last year. Speaking of whom, bless her she is looking somewhat rotund with only a fortnight to go - as seen below. Also I have finished going through the remaining photo pages with revisions to Ollie, Oscar, Ralph (2), Rosie, Ruby, Teddy (1), Ziggy, Zak, Zolo, and of course Prince

Ziva Prince

28 Jan - Birthday time again and this time it is Happy 12th Birthday to Zak and Monty, and Requiescat In Pace Hollie for the 28nd January ~ all from Lucy's very first litter in 2007.
Plus updated photo album pages have been revised for Alfie, Bertie, Buddy, Chunk, Duchy, Izzie, Jasper (2), Louis, Marbles, Matsy, Max (2), Millie, and Nico ~ just fitting updates in around everything else takes more time than you would think I have to say, but I would not have it any other way.

25 Jan - I promised that I would update the website with Ziva's scans when we received them and so, here they are....amazingly even I could interpret them which is unusual for me.


20 Jan - Firstly, Happy 12th Birthday to Bumble, Lola, Ollie, Charlie and Dylan from Amber's third litter in 2007 for the 22nd January
Secondly, Happy 11th Birthday for the 25th January to our very own noise machine ~ Jade.
Thirdly, results positive with our trip to Barton on Sea with Ziva - the ultrasound scan show four puppy sacs with a possibility of a fifth hiding under the ribcage. Hopefully things will progress to a positive result. I will post a scan
picture or two when Kim sends them to us.
Fourthly, with Katie deciding to come into season almost a month early we have decided to mate her, and so off we go to High Wycombe tomorrow with her to see that nice young man Chutney. Hopefully this time it will culminate
in a natural birth and not a Caesarean.
Throw into that mix a visit to outpatients as Royal South Hants, walking the girls every day and shopping trips it's no wonder I haven't had a chance to update the photo pages yet - but I will make every effort to catch up on the
task - especially having received so many new pictures of the, now, grown up ladies and gentlemen by email and snail mail.

13 Jan - No birthdays to celebrate this week but we are off to Kim and see if Ziva (of the ever-expanding girth) is pregnant after her visit to Alfie before Christmas. Then, if our suspicions are confirmed, there should be puppies in about four weeks time. Then to top it all, Katie has decided to come into season early - so in about ten days we shall be heading in the opposite direction to see our friend Chutney in High Wycombe. Guess it means the second whelping box is going to come into use again. It's been a while since we had two litters adding to the mayhem around the home. That's the 'easy' part these days with the new government/local government rules and regulations on breeding. The new form in it's council checklist form is about forty pages of written text boxes which took about three and a half hours to complete with Sue our wonderful Animal Welfare Officer who has to do the whole area on her own - and ours was a renewal. Add another half to an hour for new applications. Hopefully it should make it harder for the puppy farms, but I'm not convinced, I think that the amount of paperwork and the shear cost of it will put a lot of small breeders off from carrying on.

On a lighter note now the Christmas cards have come down I have been able to scan Nico's picture plus I did not realise that I had not added the latest picture of Chunk - apologies to Sydney and family. So here they are.

Nico Chunk

1 Jan - Firstly we would like to wish all our friends and family a Prosperous New Year ~ may your fortunes be large and your troubles small.

Secondly, we would like to wish Happy 5th Birthday to Patch, Teddy, Coco and Sophie for the 2nd January

Thirdly, here are a collection of Christmas day photo's we received

Ollie Prince
Ziggy Duchy
(Down under in Australia)

20 Dec - And before the ink was even dry we also received more Christmas photo's of Max from Julie and Rosie & Jess from Vanessa. All looking very well for their collective ages.

Max Rosie and Jess
19 Dec -Firstly, Happy 11th Birthday for today to Marbles, Gizmo and Sizzles from our dear Sasha's second litter in 2007, hope you all enjoy your special day with lots of treats.

As well as that we have had a busy past few days as on Friday we took Ziva down to Barton on Sea to see Abbie's dad Alfie (Jolainey Rolls Royce for Burleybeck) which as usual involved sitting on the floor for an half-hour. Then Saturday was our daughters 4xth birthday so we took her, hubby Bob and mum-in-law (a mere 93) out for a meal ~ which meant no cooking for moi. Sunday it was the parish Christmas meal and party ~ again no cooking for me. Followed on Monday by my birthday (67 before you ask) so funny old thing we went out for a meal ~ bliss no cooking. Tuesday back to normal ~ yes back to cooking!

Following on from that we have also received more photo's which of course will end up on the respective ones photo pages when thing quieten down a bit. First we have Zolo from Sasha's first litter~ who will be 13 in February, then his house-mate Zak from Lucy's first litter ~ who will be 12 in January, next is Jasper from Crystal's second litter at 1-1/2 and finally the young lady called Matsy from Katie's first litter at just over a year old.

Zolo Zak
Jasper Matsy

10 Dec - Happy 10th Birthday for today to Louis, Coby, Jasper and our own scamp Willow from our dear departed Sasha's third and last litter in 2008 ~ speaking of which here are pictures of Willow and Louis enjoying life as ten year olds and two of Keira (Lucy's sister) enjoying life at 14 years young looking incredibly like her mother at the same age.

Willow Louis
Keira's 14th Birthday party..... .....and resting after a walk

8 Dec - Happy 11th Birthday for today to Bailey and In Memorium to brother Charlieboth from Lucy's second litter in 2007 ~ truly amazing how the years fly by. As an aside though Ziva has just decided she will have a season so in about ten days time off we will go to see Abbie's dad (Jolainey Rolls Royce for Burleybeck) ~ watch this space as they say.

27 Nov - Happy 7th Birthday for the 27th November to Stan and Hendricks - hope you boys have a wonderful day. In addition Vicky has sent us a couple of brilliant pictures of Izzie which I have included below.

Izzie with her new kennel companion Izzie out for a stroll on the water

11 Nov - Just received another 1st Birthday photo today - this time it is Cilla marking the occasion. Said photo below with her web page updated as well.


11 Nov - Well been a bit lax at updating the website of late but (as a lame excuse) I am busy working through the last half of the alphabet for photo pages but nonetheless we can always spare the time for birthday wishes and in this case it is Happy 1st Birthday to Bugsy, Cilla, Matsy and Nico from Crystal and Chutney's litter last year. Hope you all enjoy your special day and below I have included pictures of Matsy and Nico which we have just received to mark the occasion.

Nico Matsy

26 Oct - Happy 3rd Birthday to Mouse and Rosie the brother and sister from Crystal's (Enigmai Lady Crystal Megara) first litter with Ace (Enigmai Sir Triphane Cadmus at Pacchibei). Enjoy your special day.

8 Oct - Finally accomplished this years update/review of all the photo pages for A to M which took longer than normal as it turned out not only were there 100 pages to review but quite a few new photos to add as well. Next comes the photo pages for all the dogs in the range N to Z ~ might not be as many.....

26 Sep - Just a few birthday wishes today ~ firstly let us wish Keira, Duchy and Ralph a very happy 14th birthday and In Memorium to their litter-mates Lucy, Molly and Monty.
Also happy 13th birthday Maximus and Poppy and In Memorium to to their brothers Diesel and Harvey
and In Memorium to first two puppies we ever bred back in 2002 without which we would not carried on breeding ~ sadly missed.

23 Sep - Firstly let us wish Chloe a very happy 14th birthday and remember her sister Buffy. On the other side of the spectrum I managed to finish the compiling and editing of the pups early weeks from birth so now Bo, Buddy, Harley and Ralph's owners can see what fun they were. Still in the process of updating all the various webpages but unfortunately life keeps getting in the way of everything I plan ~ which is annoying as we have received quite a few photo's that need to go on the appropriate pages. We must also thank the many friends and others for the numerous commiserations and cards on the loss of our beloved Lucy ~ it would have been a lot harder to bear without the pups and the rest of the girls to keep us focused.

31 Aug - Well the end of an eventful month as well as the official meteorological end of summer and I have finaly updated the website with Bo, Buddy, Harley and Ralph's own pedigree and Photo pages. Unfortunately I have also had to update the Rainbow Bridge page to take into account the passing of Jonty, Charlie and Lucy ~ but I have also changed the rainbow poem to a more poignant one. Also, in honour of the perennial granny-ship of Lucy I have added another Lucy photo page dedicated to her love of ALL puppies not just her own. Now ~ all I have to do is edit two months of puppy videos to make one DVD!

15 Aug - Buster/Geoffrey has undegone another name change and will now be known as Buddy he will be off to live in New Milton with his new owner come Saturday.

11 Aug - Well Bo and Ralph have now departed to join their new families and already it feels strange. Harley is due to depart on Monday but sadly, due to circumstances beyond their control, Geoffrey is now not leaving tomorrow and is consequently looking for a new home. The young man in question is pictured below.


3 Aug - With a very sad heart we have had let Lucy travel over Rainbow's Bridge. All her ills, aches and pains suddenly coalesced today and with the terrible heat meant she could not get a proper drink without collapsing and could not get comfortable in any position so we had to make that terrible, but inevitable, decision. Like her mother she passes on just shy of her 14th birthday - the gentlest of gentle grandmothers and granddaughters who gave us thirteen boys and girls and was always ready to play with puppies. Sadly missed. Here is a photo of the lovely lady I just happened to take this afternoon when she was looking her best.

Requiescat In Pace