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17 Feb ~ Birthday wishes for Zolo and Jonty from Sasha's first litter in 2006 who will be celebrating their 12th Birthday on Tuesday 20th February.

At the other end of the scale Jack and Jimmy now have their eyes open, so it is a little more difficult for mummy Ziva to hide, and they continue to put weight on at a prodigious rate with Jimmy rising from a birth weight of 162 grammes to 536 grammes and brother Jack rising from a birth weight of 152 grammes to a staggering 658 grammes! The next milestone will be them loosing the plug in their ears and then first steps.

2018_02_15-Jack-1.jpg       2018_02_15-Jimmy-1.jpg
Jack       Jimmy

8 Feb ~ Once again a time of good news/bad news. In the First instance it is Happy 2nd Birthday to our very own Katie for today; and in the second instance sadly one of those strange moments that you can never get used to and that is that Jake sadly passed for no explicable reason ~ one moment feeding, an hour later he had passed over Rainbows Bridge. Akin to human baby Cot Death Syndrome or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as it's now known. Nobody knows why, it just is. Thankfully Jack and Jimmy are growing and putting on weight ~ especially with so many teats to choose from!

2018_02_07-Ziva_Jack_Jimmy-1.jpg       2018_02_08-Jack_Ziva_Jimmy-1.jpg

28 Jan ~ Firstly, Happy 11th Birthday to Zak and Monty and In Memorium Hollie ~ all from Lucy's first litter way back in 2007.

Secondly, Ziva has now attained ownership of the whelping box as the 40 inch (101 cm) Tower Bridge is now complete - so far she is the only one who has not gone in for a dig. Never mind days are now getting few.

2018_01_27-Endex-1.jpg       2018_01_27-Endex-2.jpg

25 Jan ~ Firstly Happy 10th Birthday to our very own walking, barking noise machine ~ Jade.

Secondly ~ Poor Willow is not very happy with us after having a lump removed from inside her lower ear on Tuesday - needless to say the Buster Collar AKA 'Cone of Shame' is driving her daft trying to get it off so she can have a good scratch.

Lastly ~ Book 1 of the giant Tower Bridge is complete with a big 'Hurry up!' from Ziva as I am using the lid of the whelping box as an assembly table and the 2nd February isn't that far off!

2018_01_24-Willow-3.jpg 2018_01_24-Willow-1.jpg
2018_01_24-Tower_Bridge-End_Book_1-2.jpg 2018_01_24-Tower_Bridge-End_Book_1-1.jpg

21 Jan - Happy 11th Birthday to Bumble, Charlie, Dylan, Lola and Ollie for tomorrow. Nice to know that they have reached another 'age milestone'. Meanwhile....Ziva has definitely developed the "What have you done to me?" look with just under a fortnight to go until she is due to give birth.

10 Jan - Just finished compiling and uploading new pedigree and photo pages for Bugsy, Cilla, Matsy and Nico as well as updated stud dog pages so feel free to browse them at your hearts content. Should just have time to trawl through and update every body elses pages between now and the beginning of February when Ziva is due to give birth.

6 Jan - Well as a strange week draws to a close it was with a mixture of sadness and joy that we said goodbye to Nico, Cilla, Bugsy and Matsy today. Sadness because as any breeder will tell you after nurturing a puppy (or puppies) for the first eight weeks of their life you cannot help but be upset as each puppy goes out of the door in the arms of their new owners, and happiness because you know that they are going to loving homes where they will continue to grow through the 'Terrible Teens' into adulthood and be with them for many years. At the minute it is very quiet around here - without any sound of ripping or moving newspapers.

There is a lot to get packed into the final week as they travel to Seadown Veterinary Group in Hythe for Mr Mason to carry out their eye checks for Retinal Dysplasia then our vet at Pet Doctors for their final check-up and first inoculations and then comes microchipping of course - at least Kevin from Fairgolden Ultrasound and Microchipping comes to the house. Then of course there is all the paperwork that selling a puppy entails - sales contracts, change of ownership, etc,, etc., etc.

The bonus this time when Kevin came to microchip the pups he also scanned Ziva and confirmed that she is pregnant with possibly three pups and non-committed on a fourth - if you can interpret ultrasound pictures have a go at Ziva's below.

As an additional 'bonus'(?) when the hard drive failed we lost all our calendar information so apologies for any birthdays we miss until I can feed them all back in to give us reminders when they are due and then this week we got hit by the Microsoft (un)reliabilty problem of all our e-mail contacts mysteriously disappearing so something else to be rebuilt.


29 Dec - Christmas well and truly over and our commisserations to Mandy and family unexpectedly losing Millie just before Christmas. Puppies sleeping well this afternoon as they have been for their vet check and the dreaded first innoculation - with accompanying screams times four! Not forgetting all the cuddles from the nurses of course. In addition the Kennel Club has come through with the registration paperwork for the pups so we have included a 'hot off the press' photo below with 'both' their names.

2017_12_27-Matsy-1.jpg 2017_12_27-Cilla-1.jpg 2017_12_27-Nico-1.jpg 2017_12_27-Bugsy1.jpg
Enigmai Lady Jacinth Lyssa
Enigmai Lady Opaline Caligo
Enigmai Sir Niccolo Okeanus
Enigmai Sir Spinel Orpheus

25 Dec - Happy Christmas to everybody from all of us and the puppies also found time to realise it's Christmas and unwrapped their cage to see if there was anything to play with underneath. It was so exhausting that they had to cuddle up together to sleep off their breakfast and exhaustion!

Merry Christmas Poppy

Feed time in the puppy pen

18 Dec - After all the fun with phones, etc. along came a leaky roof to the bungalow which a nice young man is going to try and re-affix the ridge & hip tiles to keep us going until next year when the big expense of getting the roof lifted, lined and re-riled can be undertaken - and hasn't Hampshire had a lot of rain since then. Virgin might have taken a week to 'fix' the phones but at least repairing their fix allowed me to find out the roof was leaking!! On an unhappier note our eldest Grand-daughter made the mistake of going to Basingstoke Emergency Dept. (she's a Severe Asthmatic - check out her blog at http://whywaitjustbreathe.wordpress.com to get an idea of what this means) and not for the first time the incompetents their told her it was all in her head. Needless to say she discharged herself and got her young man, Mark, to take her to Southampton General to the Respiratory Dept who correctly diagnosed her with Pleurisy. I wonder why they told her not to go to Basingstoke again?

This weeks 'rant' over, on to something good; the first of which is to wish Happy 10th Birthday to Gizmo, Marbles & Sizzles from Sasaha's second litter for tomorrow.

The second is that the pups are now ensconced in their new play area down the bottom end of the living room and dashing about like mad 'uns, play fighting, learning about how hard to bite, with weaning progressing - sort of all things puppy development. Of course when that's all over what do puppies do? Collapse and sleep - just like below. They are also slowly, slowly learning their new names, speaking of which Earl is now Bugsy.

Matsy, Cilla, Bugsy and Nico

10 Dec - What with phone lines going down, Sky dropping out, standby digital aerial needing replacement and a very wet appointment at Southampton General for an ultrasound guided cortisone injection into the knee life has been fun to say the least. Follow that with finding homes for four puppies, family dinner for all and then put the Christmas decorations up - it's no wonder this old bloke hasn't had time to sit down and wish Happy 10th Birthday to Bailey and Charlie from Lucy's second litter and also Happy 9th Birthday to Louis, Jasper, Coby and of course our own dear madcap Willow from Sasha's last litter for today.

Speaking of puppies of course for the puppy watchers Eric is now Nico, Ellen is now Cilla, Emma is now called Matsy and Earl's new name is due to be announced in the near future.

3 Dec -Now what a week that has been!! No phones since last Saturday and in spite of telling two different people at Virgin that we HAD to leave the house on Friday at 11:15 in typical fashion for an 8:00 - 12:00 appointment a surly engineer turns up at 10:45 so we tell him that we have to leave at 11:15. A lot of good that did. He spent 15 - 20 minutes looking for a green box which turned out to be in the road across from us. Finally fixed the outside line fault and came back at 11:20, eventually managed to get him out so that we left the house at 11:30 (?) with a half-hearted maybe he could make it back that day or we would have to book another appointment even though we had been promised by Virgin management that the phones would be fixed because of it being a Lifeline. He still managed to ring me twice when we were out to see if we were coming back - the long and the short of it being that there was a secondary fault in the house which he did not have to fix until I pointed out that the extension box was wired in by Virgin engineers so he put another front on and cut the wires that fed the kitchen and sky extension. So now this old bloke has got to figure out a way to reconnect the Sky phone jack. Then to make matters even worse, Friday afternoon the Sky+ box decided to keep loosing the satellite signal and the earliest that they can come is next Saturday - so until then we have to put up with an intermittent reception and some programmes recording and some not.

Now the good news…. Took Ziva to Pam at High Wycombe on Tuesday and Pam showed me how to use her Draminski ovulation tester and was gracious enough to let me borrow it to test Ziva here at home as she needs to be tested twice a day, being an early ovulator. Well, tried Tuesday evening with no success, tried again Wednesday morning with no joy as madam would not co-operate. Gave our vets a ring for some help and our vet agreed to have a go but with no success so rang Pam that evening. Consequence being back on Thursday with road closures on the M25 and queues on the M3. Pam's years of experience managed to get Ziva to relax to get a reading and lo and behold Trirayne Get Karter (picture below) was brought in to see what he thought. He thought that was good and they had a good mating. Checked her on Saturday morning and she was even more ready so another 150 mile round trip with the M3 closed between Junction 4 and 4A but a better mating happened. Now we just have to wait and see what happens.

Meanwhile…..Eric, Emma, Earl and Ellen all have their eyes and ears open and are trying their first tentative toddler steps around the box to the 'amusement' of the oldies who keep peering in to see what's going on especially as mum is now spending more time out of the box than she is in - with Eric now over 1kg and Ellen close behind at 940 grammes I'm not surprised . Time to get a vet bed on the floor and see what develops methinks.

Trirayne_Karter-1.jpg Trirayne_Karamello-2.jpg
Trirayne Get Karter Trirayne Karamello
(Karter's mum)

26 Nov - Now that I have managed to get an SD card reader for this new machine, which refuses to talk to the camera via USB (Dell strikes again), I can finally upload some pictures of Katie's children - especially as they have grown so much. If you compare it to the previous picture of Katie in the whelping box with puppies it gives some idea of just how much they have grown. As a general rule you want the pups to have doubled their birthweight - the two girls have tripled their birthweight in a fortnight and the two boys are only a few grammes behind. Speaking of which I have also put a copy of each of them as well.

Also it is birthday time again and this time we wish Stan and Hendricks a Happy 6th Birthday for tomorrow. Where do the years go??

2017_11_26-Katie_Pups.jpg 2017_11_22-Eric-1.jpg
Katie with Eric, Ellen, Emma and Earl Eric
2017_11_22-Emma-3.jpg 2017_11_22-Ellen-4.jpg 2017_11_22-Earl-1.jpg
Emma Ellen Earl

12 Nov - Well the wait is finally over for Katie. Trish went to give her a tidy-up comb and noticed a discharge so around to Pet Doctors we went. After a consult with Beth, Michael came in on his day off to give a second opinion and the result was that the young lady in question needed a caesarean rather than leave it for a few hours and more than likely end up at Shedfield at the Animed emergency vet hospital undergoing the same process (with all the extra overnight fees that it entails). Not only did Michael come in on his day off but Emma also came in to assist Helen ~ so Katie ended up with two vets and two experienced nurses looking after her. The result - between them out came Eric (B&T at 299 grammes) - who was probably the cause of the hiatus - then Earl (Ruby at 258 grammes) followed by Ellen (Ruby at 249 grammes) and lastly little Emma (B&T at 209 grammes). We had already decided that puppies would have an interim name beginning with the letter E ~ so the girls had to be called Emma and Ellen after the two nurses! An especial thanks to Beth and Helen who stayed over three hours past closing time to nurse mum and pups during post-op recovery until we picked them up at 8 o'clock.

Just a couple of pictures of new mum and babies the first taken as soon as she was home and settled and the other taken this afternoon when all were a lot less traumatised.

2017_11_11-Katie_Earl_Ellen_Emma_Eric-1jpg.jpg 2017_11_12-Katie_Eric_Ellen_Earl_Emma-1.jpg
Katie with Earl, Ellen, Emma and Eric Katie with Eric, Ellen, Earl and Emma

3 Nov - It is with sad regret that we have to report the passing of Diesel from Heidi's last litter in Sep 2005. Birinder rang us last night to say that he had passed away peacefully in his sleep ~ as we hope all our four-footed friends should be able to do. We know that Diesel has been a great comfort and prop to Sophie and Birinder over the years and that they are understandably heartbroken at his passing ~ a gentle little man to the end. Our thoughts are with them at this time and below I have included one of the pictures of Diesel that Birinder has graciously sent us today.


Enigmai Sir Howlite Mithras

26 Sep 2005 - 30 Oct 2017


1 Nov - Many thanks to all for their 'Get Well's' for Willow. We had her around to the vets this evening and Michael is well pleased with her recovery so far. He did a wonderfully neat job of putting her back together and no sign of any redness around the wound ~ hopefully she gets the stitches out Monday evening. Needless to say everything a dog is NOT supposed to do during post-op recovery Willow has managed to do ~ she is definitely her mother's daughter.

Meanwhile ~ Katie's waistline is ever increasing as the days count down over the next fortnight or so. You know it's crowded in there when you can see the puppies moving under the skin when she is trying to find a comfortable position to lay in.

All things being equal we should be going across to Gill's tomorrow evening to see Bindi's puppies before they go to their new owners this weekend.

26 Oct - Firstly Happy 2nd Birthday to Mouse and Rosie for today. Secondly off we went to the emergency vets last night with Willow as we were not happy with a brown discharge that she had, to then find out the she had contracted pyometra. Pyometra, for those unaware of it, is a very dangerous infection in the uterus for which the only safe option is to spey her which as I type this she is undergoing. Hopefully we have caught it in time with the added 'bonus'(?) is that she has got the open type which is when you get the discharge to warn you.

24 Oct - As promised here is the said scan picture of a few of Katie's puppies. Now we wait to see how many pop out, anything like the other girls she will make a super mum.


19 Oct - Well the wait is finally over and Kevin from Fairgolden Ultrasound and Microchipping came round last night and carried out a scan of Katie and managed to find seven micro-pups hiding. So hopefully little one won't absorb any and God willing, they will all be born hale and healthy around about the 18th November ready to have puppy fun over Christmas and New Year. As soon as we get a scan picture I will post it on the site.

On a sadder note we rememer our first cavalier, Heidi, whose birthday would have been tomorrow. Sadly taken before her time she was the grand lady who started us down the breeding road some fifteen years ago.

26 Sep - 13th Birthday wishes today for Lucy, Keira, Monty, Duchy & Ralph from Amber's 1st litter and 12th Birthday wishes for Maximus, Diesel & Poppy.
In Memorium ~ Amber, Cassie, Mollie & Harvey.

22 Sep - First - Happy 14thBirthday to Max from Heidi's second litter and secondly Happy 13th Birthday to Chloe and Requiescat In Pace to her sister Buffy.

21 Sep - Unlike the previous month this past month has been one thing on top of another. Computer blew it's brains out and had to buy a new one which unfortunaely has meant having a Windows 10 machine - great if you have a tablet or mobile phone but pathetic for a PC. Even less user adaptability than before with more user functions removed because Microsoft doesn't think the user needs them and one now doesn't have programmes - one has Apps! Then to top it all off the mannie re-building the machine couldn't get Office 2016 to work because my 'shared' copy of 2016 Professional Plus had reached it's licence limit - so although mine was a duly licenced copy it would not install again and I ended up paying nearly £200 for a download with no physical media for a lesser version which between office and my ISP is now not as powerful as it used to be.

OK ~ Microsoft rant over. Other than that we took Katie for her first mating using that lovely young man Chutney for a nice long tie ~ so if Katie and Chutney produce super puppies like Crystal and Chutney did we should be in for some lovely puppies. Meanwhile............

We were looking after our friends bitch who was due to whelp last Wednesday (about three puppies expected) whilst they were in Florida playing with Hurricane Irma. Bindi, however, had other ideas. Chief among them being Monday was not early enough so she decided to start producing puppies at 11:45PM Friday and then just when we rang the duty vet in the wee small hours (0320) because we thought we might have to take her there out popped pup number four. Then mistakenly thinking that that was it Trish went to bed and I stayed ~ just as well really as a little over an hour later out came puppy number five at 0435. Off we went to see her vets Saturday morning for a post-whelping check of mum and babies, came back fed and walked our tribe, did a few bits and in the space of ten minutes between Trish and our daughter leaving the study and me walking in at 1100 along came another Tri boy ~ Six hours after the last one! What was amazing was that he was alive and still in the sac. Something we have never had ~ late births yes, but not six hours and still alive ~ Mother Nature can still throw some tricks your way when she wants to.

9 Aug - Very quiet around the old homestead tonight - the girls are doing a lot of resting and wandering around the whole house. Why? Because the last of Crystal's litter, Chunk, has now left us to live with his new family in Hythe. Knowing that our puppies go to loving homes is one of the great joys of breeding and although we miss the little ones when they are gone that is our true reward.

7 Aug - New individual pages now up and running for pedigrees and photo's of Bertie, Chunk, Jasper and Ziggy, including photo's of the pups in their new homes (Except for Chunk who does not leave until this Wednesday PM). Crystal now has a new page for photo's of her second litter. Plus we just thought we would share this photo of Chunk having a 'Pickfords Moment' whilst taking Trish to the dentist.


19 Jul - Came back from the surgery lunchtime Monday and this was the sight that greeted us - you couldn't get pups to pose like this no matter how hard you tried.

2017_07_17-Waiting _For_Lunch.jpg

10 Jul - First puppy news - Reuben will now have a new home and owner in Wiltshire and will become known as Jasper thus leaving us with a home to find for Roger the explorer.

Secondly with Trish delivered to the General in Southampton for her second total knee replacement yours truly is now truly the chief cook and bottle washer for the next three to four days. Get well quick angel.
2017_07_09-Roger-1.jpg 2017_07_09-Roger-2.jpg

7 Jul - First two of Crystal's pups now placed with their future owners ~ Ruby and Ziggy (Robin). Prospective owners for one of the two boys coming to visit Sunday afternoon so fingers crossed there, which will leave us one boy to place, probably by placing ads on the sites we belong to. We have said it in the past but I fear it will come to pass that we will not run a 'waiting list' in the future and just advertise. It is so frustrating that you can have over a dozen families wanting a puppy but when you contact them they have not had the common coutesy to inform you that they already have one. A sad reflection on the times we live in I fear.

Anyway enough of my ranting ~ the pups themselves are coming on leaps and bounds and have now become very industrious eaters as you can see from the pictures below.

2017_07_06-Reuben_Ziggy_Roger_Ruby-1.jpg 2017_07_07-Roger-1.jpg 2017_07_07-Ziggy_Roger-1.jpg
Lunchtime feeding - Reuben, Ziggy, Roger and Ruby Roger in de rigeur cavalier sleeping position... ... and with Ziggy likewise in the background

27 Jun - Firstly, Happy 8th Birthday to Harry, Rosie, Sadie and Ruby for tomorrow 28th June.

Secondly, for those of you who I know take delight in all things puppy, another milestone in their development today with them diving straight in without any cajoling and lapping puppy formula straight away. Usually there is at least one that is an awkward little thing but Crystal's litter all went at it like mum's milk ~ let's hope it keeps going that way ~ especially with the No 1 Puppy Mistress going into hospital on the 10th to have her other knee replaced.

24 Jun - Puppies now three weeks old and putting on weight nicely and have now got to that first tottering steps stage and finding that little yap and trill. I guess in a few days the weaning stage starts and little puppies playing big puppies will also be on the cards - as well as retrieving puppy toys from them that shouldn't have them!

Some more pictures for everybody - escpecially a certain grand-daughter working on her mother about a puppy..........

2017_06_16-Roger_Ruby_Reuben_Robin.jpg 2017_06_17-Robin_Reuben_Roger_Ruby-1.jpg 2017_06_20-Robin_Reuben_Ruby
Roger, Ruby, Reuben & Robin Top-to-tail Robin, Reuben, Roger & Ruby Brotherly love Robin and Reuben snuggled up with Ruby in the foreground

10 Jun - Firstly 5th Happy Birthday to Max and Crystal. Crystal has obviously got her birthday present early with her puppies so we hope Max is having a great time too.

Also, to whet your appetite so to speak, here are a couple of photo's of the pups with and without mum. Beieve it or not all four pups are with mum ~ hint look for the paw over an ear to the right of the group!

2017_06_04-Pups-1.jpg 2017_06_09-Crystal_and_Pups-1.jpg

2 Jun - In her usual quiet manner Crystal let us finish our tea last night before delivering a little girl at 18:15 with three boys following at 18:47, 19:00 and 2034. Sadly the second little girl was still-born. Every one of the pups is a Black and Tan and provisionally their names are Ruby, Roger, Robin and Reuben. Believe it or not all four pups are in the photo below with mum ~ three under/beside mum's back leg and the fourth hiding under mum's ear.

2017_06_02-Crystal_and Pups.jpg

9 May - Well Crystal scanned last night by Kevin (FairGolden Ultrasound & Microchipping) - between four and six little puppies in there somewhere. For those of you who can interpret ultrasound pictures here you go.

2017_05_08-Lucy_Scan-1.jpg 2017_05_08-Lucy_Scan-2.jpg
2017_05_08-Lucy_Scan-3.jpg 2017_05_08-Lucy_Scan-4.jpg

cavalier blink.gif