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Sasha's Home Page


Sasha R.I.P.

Welcome to Sasha's home page.      A Tricolour bitch who was full of naughtiness but, in spite of her being only six months old when Heidi and Ambers pups were running riot, she proved to be every bit as good a mum to the pups as their real mums. A fact amply re-inforced by how well she looked after all three of her litters - in spite of adding one each time.

It used to be common around the house to hear the thunder of approaching paws and stand still until two supersonic Tricolours pass by ~ either Sasha chasing Lucy or the other way around and then you had to look carefully because not only did Jade join in but then so did Willow. Her other favourite trick, which was guaranteed to get the younger ones barking at her, was to steal my handkerchief from under my pillow and disappear down to the bottom of the lounge. Thankfully she then just sat there with it in her mouth until a human took it off her ~ time was she would rip it to pieces as well! She always had the audacity to sit there with that 'Who Me?' look on her face and a mouthful of white handkerchief.... The trouble was, she was so adorable and loving to everybody it was impossible to be mad at her for more than a moment. If you told her off she just seemed say 'OK - I know I'm naughty - now, tickle my belly and make up' ~ a daily occurence as she finished a treat faster than any of the other five dogs and then did her best to steal theirs. She always saw me out the door on the way to work and was invariably one of the first to greet me when I came home ~ usually by rolling onto her back in the middle of the hall in order to get her belly tickled before I was allowed to pass!

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Reviewed:~ Nov 2018