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After many moons one has been allowed to publish some of the more funnier out-takes that all pet owners invariably get when trying to take pictures of the aforementioned loved ones. Up until now I have only been allowed to display my warped sense of humour at work but the Puppy Mistress has heeded calls from other members of the family to let them be displayed on the website - so ummm - here they are. I hope they give a moments humour in this pressurised world we live in.

I must stress that no animal (or human) was injured in the taking of these photographs - other than pride due to lack of instant reflexes! It just goes to show the advantages of modern technology, especially with digital camera's - you just don't necessarily have to bin those useless shots - there is always somebody like me around who takes a different slant on things who will make use of them.

OutTake-1.jpg OutTake-2.jpg
You watch that way ~ I'll watch this way.
Just be ready to run for it!
So, ummm. Which way did you want us to look again?
Oh, and next time ~ get all of my body in!

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OutTake-3.jpg OutTake-4.jpg
That's it then ~ I'm off! This soooo boring!

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OutTake-5.jpg OutTake-6.jpg
I need my own space ~ I'm pregnant don't you know What was that!?

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OutTake-7.jpg OutTake-8.jpg
We all used to fit Chin up dear!

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OutTake-10.jpg OutTake-9.jpg
Shan't sit still!!
     So there!!
Remember ~ When you have had enough
of that puppy - always be firm in silencing him!

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OutTake-11.jpg OutTake-17.jpg
When my ship comes sailing in... But I was here first!

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OutTake-13.jpg OutTake-14.jpg
Room for a little one? What have you got to do for some room around here?

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OutTake-15.jpg OutTake-16.jpg
It wasn't us - honest Send up a flare someone......

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I gave my good looks
to my daughter
   I got my good looks from
   my mother & I gave
   some to my daughter
   I am better looking
   than my mother AND
my grandmother

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Told you there was room for a little one!

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Reviewed:~ Nov 2018