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Welcome to Lucy's home page. Until her passing she was the eldest of our three Tricolour bitches, she could be every bit as naughty as Sasha ever was - just more sneaky about it. She was also prone to 'thundering' around the house with the young ones, which used to disconcert a young Jade somewhat. In the end she just let Lucy have her moment of fun, especially as she used to give Ziva a shock when she decided to give her a bit of a chase for a toy ~ or just for the heck of it! It could be quite funny to see the look of shock on the young ones faces when Lucy suddenly decided she wants to play chase and mouthing with them instead of chasing them off, even Katie and Abbie were not exempt.

Unlike Sasha, when she had a stone (or anything) in her mouth, she would just sit there with a 'I don't care whether its naughty, I'm doing it' look on her face; and, whereas Sasha would sit passively to let you remove the naughty object, Lucy (like Crystal) would run away. Like all Cavaliers she was adorable and loving, with that epitome of Cavalier faces which just makes everybody want to cuddle her even when she is being naughty. Her favourite trick used to be stealing a nylabone off Sasha by licking her eyes until Sasha dropped the bone for Lucy to run off with ~ making the next five minutes noisy when Sasha realised what Lucy had done and tried to get the bone back - from Lucy hiding under a chair.

Having had her fifth and last litter in 2011, like her mother, she not only became a lady of leisure but also a Grand-mother in her own right with thirteen offspring of which eleven are still with us!! She was always been a super mum to both her own children and any others that just happen to be around at the time although for her last few years once the pups were to fast for her she was off!.

Unfortunately age took its toll with a Grade 4 heart murmur and rheumatism for the last few years of her life but, with medication, she was invariably the first of the seven waiting for her lead to be attached for a walk ~ even if we had to use an extending lead and keep stopping for her to finish sniffing and amble along to catch up to us. Her passing was sudden and very heart-wrenching, as it always is losing a member of the family.

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