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Detailed below are details of the various Intrnational Cavalier Clubs that we have been able to find details for listed alphabetically by country.

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Country Club Website Secretary/Contact Contact Number e-Mail
australia_waving_flag.gif      Australia
New_South_Wales_Badge.jpgNew South Wales
www.cavaliersnsw.com   +61 2 9832 1918 info@cavaliersnsw.com
OR Facebook Page
Trish Fernleigh   daventri@iprimus.com.au
 South Australia
www.cavaliersa.com Sally Paterson +61 8 82512545 salell@hotmail.com
OR Facebook Page
  +61 2 9832 1918 secretary@ckcsclubcanberracom
Facebook Page Vicki Wyness +61 7 5428 6535 vwyness@bigpond.net.au
Facebook Page Sonya Kanto +61 3 6390 6192  
belgium_waving_flag.gif      Belgium
Belgian_Cavalier_King_Charles_Club_Badge.jpgBelgian Cavalier King Charles Club (Pejatoyspa)
Alternate = www.of-maesllyn.be
OR Facebook Page
Arnold Jacques +32 55 600109 a.l.m.jacques@gmail.com
canada_waving_flag-2.gif      Canada
Canada_Badge.jpgCavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Of Canada
OR Facebook Page
Louise Pearce +1 604 852 9431 lp9431@telus.net
Cavalier_Fanciers_of_Southern_Ontario_Badge.jpgThe Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario
OR Facebook Page
Peggy Wallace +1 604 852 9431 burbrook@zing-net.ca
British_Columbia_Badge.jpgThe Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of British Columbia
OR Facebook Page
Maureen Murray   otchcav@shaw.ca
 Eastlake Cavalier Club
  Donna Rayner   drayner@eagle.ca
czech_republic_waving_flag.gif      Czech Republic
Czech_Republic_Badge.jpgCavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
www.cavalierclub.cz Jitka Kratochvílová +420 607 819 643 j.kratochvi@seznam.cz
denmark_waving_flag.gif      Denmark
Denmark_Club_Badge.jpgCavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Denmark
OR Facebook Page
Mrs Lone Fritzböger +45 32 59 17 70  
estonia_waving_flag-.gif      Estonia
Estonia_Club_Badge.jpgEstonian Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Breed Association
OR Facebook Page
finland_waving_flag-2.gif      Finland
Finland_Club_Badge.jpgFinnish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Association
OR Facebook Page
Matti J Tuomi   jasenet@cavalieryhdistys.com
france_waving_flag.gif      France
 King Charles & Cavalier King Charles of France
www.cena.asso.fr Nathalie Boutin    
germany_waving_flag.gif      Germany
icc_cavalier_club_badge.jpgInternational Club for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
www.icc-cavaliere.de Uwe Klar   uwe.klar@icc-cavaliere.de
greece_waving_flag.gif      Greece
Greece_Club_Badge.jpgThe Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Greece (O.K.A.E.)
www.okae.gr (English)
www.cavalierking.gr/ (Greek)
OR Facebook Page
Ms Nana Georgiou +30 210 5715090 okae@cavalierking.gr
italy_waving_flag.gif      Italy
Italy_Club_Badge.jpgClub Cani Compagnia (Companion Toy Breeds Club)
OR Facebook Page
  +39 333 9263505 segreteria@clubcanicompagnia.it
netherlands_waving_flag.gif      Netherlands
Netherlands_Club_Badge.jpgCavalier Club Netherlands
www.cavalierclub.nl Mrs. GF Schaufeli +31 516 430626 warschau@tele2.nl
new_zealand_waving_flag.gif      New Zealand
 Dogs New Zealand
(Formerly New Zealand Kennel Club)
www.dogsnz.org.nz Peter Dunne +64 4 910 1534 secretary@dogsnz.org.nz
Canterbury_Club_Badge.jpgCanterbury Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Facebook Page Karen Christie +64 3 385 1282 canterburycavalierclub@gmail.com
 Otago/Southland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Facebook Page Dianne Tyssen +64 3 213 1567 prestonville@xtra.co.nz
Tiki_Club_Badge.jpgTiki Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Facebook Page Shelley Walker +64 275 165437 redcrest@xtra.co.nz
norway_waving_flag.gif      Norway
Norway_Club_Badge.jpgNorwegian Cavalier Club
OR Facebook Page
Aud Schřnning +47 940 86 484 aud@cavalierklubben.no
slovakia_waving_flag.gif      Slovakia
Slovakia_Club_Badge.jpgThe Slovak Cavalier and King Charles Spaniel Club
OR Facebook Page
Petra Lackovicová +421 905 212193  
south_africa_waving_flag.gif      South Africa
Western_Cape_Club_Badge.jpgThe Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of the Western Cape
OR Facebook Page
Mrs Pam Upton +27 21 558 6040 secretary@cavalierswesterncape.co.za
sweden_waving_flag.gif      Sweden
Sweden_Club_Badge.jpgThe Swedish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.
OR Facebook Page
Kari Sundqvist +27 21 558 6040 kari.sundqvist@cavaliersallskapet.net


Reviewed:~ Dec 2021