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Welcome to Katie's home page. Our young Ruby lady, courtesy of Lee Holton of Ticonjah Cavaliers in Wiltshire. Well worth the wait and like all of our girls is fast moving and fast sleeping ~ and also very averse to going outside in the rain! She gave Amber a new leas of life as she followed her everywhere before we lost dear Amber. Making a super, instinctive mum with her first litter we are just waiting for a long enough gap to ensure a complete recovery from her caesarean before mating her again.

Now that she is more mature she lets Abbie pull on her ears whilst Abbie tries to get her to play but she soon tells her off when she has had enough. Another participant in the high-speed chases involving Ziva, Crystal, Abbie and (Occasionally) Willow.

2017_10_25-Katie-1.jpg Katie Pics 1
Katie Pics 2
Katie Pics 3

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Reviewed:~ Oct 2018