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Welcome to Katie's home page. Our latest young lady courtesy of Lee Holton of Ticonjah Cavaliers in Wiltshire. Well worth the wait and like all puppies fast moving and fast sleeping ~ and very averse to going outside in the rain! She has already learnt to herd Amber when she comes out of her boudoir ~ or alternatively she is developing her bark by barking (strongly yapping?) through the cage bars at her.

Ziva is slowly coming around to not being the centre of attention but Katie has adopted Willow as a surrogate mum and is often found snuggled up to her fast asleep ~ and occasionaly Jade as well; they both let her pull on their ears and play (very restrainedly) with her.

2017_10_25-Katie-1.jpg Katie Pics 1
Katie Pics 2
Katie Pics 3

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Reviewed:~ Apr 2016