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Jade's Home Page


Welcome to Jade's home page ~ the third oldest of our 'in-house' girls.

An adorable Black & Tan bitch who is a credit to Julie Webb of Pacchibei Cavaliers And Papillons her breeder. Daughter of Midnight (Pacchibei Bellezza Di Mezzanotte) and Eddie (Homerbrent Cormac At Pacchibei), her pedigree name is Pacchibei's Sheer Magic at Enigmai. Her 'family' name of Jade actually has nothing to do with our own naming convention but relates to the fact that it was our 35th wedding anniversary in March 2008 when she joined our madhouse ~ which is either Coral (old) or Jade (modern) ~ no competition on the name stakes really. She is now a mum in her own right after successfully rearing five pups from her second litter in early 2011 (Teddy, Poppy, Riley, Hollie and Charlotte) and then after emergency trip to on-call vets in Winchester nursing two surviving pups (Max & Crystal) from her third litter. Unfortunately this meant she had to be speyed for her own health and so, no more Jade puppies.

She is one of life's noisy ones since she recovered fully from her emergency op with a lorge amount of OCD thrown in ~ if I make the mistake of moving something in the garden and not putting it back in exactly the same place then the world and their cousin know about it! That said she is a very loving lady now in her eighth year and still likes to chase the young ones around and play fight ~ which certainly sometimes gives Ziva quite a shock!

Jade Pics 1
Jade Pics 2
Jade Pics 3
Jade Pics 4
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