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Holly's Home Page

1989 ~ 2005

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Welcome to Holly's home page. The Dowager Duchess of the family for many years. Although not a CKCS, she was in fact a Collie/Spaniel/xy cross, and she was a super friend and companion for fifteen and a half years and still sadly missed since that day when she made the journey over the Rainbow Bridge to await us on the other side.

Sadly that day did finally arrived on Monday 11th July 2005 when thankfully she was allowed to pass away at home with all the girls saying goodbye to her, she is now buried in her favourite patch of garden between where two standard roses used to grow and give the best bit of shade and where a new rose grows in memory of her.

The little ones only think they know all the naughty tricks, but we have seen Holly do them all ~ eating the heads off flowers, chewing books and stones, digging the garden, etc, etc, etc....... When Heidi first came to live with us they used to have a ball playing with each other, sadly she had at least two strokes, was almost blind and deaf and just a tad unsteady on her pins, but she still wouldn't stay still for long of an evening and constantly got up, did a patrol of the premises and then came back to lie down until the next patrol. Amber and Lucy used try to encourage her to play, and she would sometimes respond and try to chase them ~ much to Sasha's dismay, but that same Sasha, together with Lucy, would escort Holly down the ramp to the garden whilst she performed her toilet and then escort her back up again and see her safely into the house ~ whilst Heidi and Amber looked on!

Unfortunately as I have already said above, that with great reluctance, we were forced to have Kam and Emily come round and help Holly to cross over the Rainbow Bridge were we know she waits for us as young in body as she always was at heart. Lord knows what she would think of the rapscallions that bomb around the place now. We are firmly convinced that her spirit lives on in Jade because so many of the things, good and bad, that she used to do pop up in Jades daily life. Strange the tricks that life throws at you, isn't it?

Way back in 1993 before our son-in-law was our son-in-law he wrote the following poem about Holly.
From out of the shadow, four legs appear,
A squeak and a woof, Holly is here!
No I'm not kicking that B-A-L-L,
You can forget that squeaky as well.
Kisses-a-plenty, come out and play,
Coming in soggy on a rainy day.
She knows when another dog has been near,
'Cause she sniffs you and sniffs you again I fear!
Bundle of black-and-white four legged fun,
A not-yet-grown-up-puppy - Holly in one!
Robert Standley
8 May 1993

And to bring tears to our eyes when we read it, our Grand-daughter Samantha penned the following
after Holly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Out from nowhere came a dog called Holly,
Wagging her tail, licking her lips.
Oh Holly -
She lived life to the full!
Samantha Standley
July 2005

...and here are some pictures of the old rascal

As a young lady ....

Young Holly #1 Young Holly #2
Enjoying a BBQ With her favourite match football (One of many!)
...In her senior years ....

Holly #1 Holly #2 Holly #3
Still eager to play... ...but maybe not all the time.. ...as with humans, age taking its toll


... and with her housemates

All4.jpg Holly, Amber, Max and Heidi
Amber, Heidi, Sasha and Holly Holly, Amber, Max and Heidi

Holly_Old_Monument_Plaque.jpg Holly_New_Monument_Plaque.jpg
Holly's original gravestone..... .....and her new one September 2018


Reviewed:~ Oct 2018