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Crystal's Home Page


Welcome to Crystal's home page. Now the third oldest of our six girls, she is the lovable (and very lickable) Black & Tan whom we kept from Jade's final litter - her brother departing to a loving family near the Hampshire coast.

As Max and her mother found out she was not shy about leaping on them for some rough and tumble as a puppy - now she is older she is not much better. Instead of chasing Willow she now keeps lively with chasing (and play fighting) Ziva, Katie and Abbie. It is not nusual when the chase involves down the garden and back followed by an around-the-house circuit. Now that they are older however, her mother Jade and Willow stay well out of the way but are not averse to helping her out against the youngsters. However as she has got older she now prefers to sneak (not so subtly) under the covers by my feet!

Crystal Pics 1
Crystal Pics 2
Crystal Pics 3
Crystal Pics 4
Crystal Pics 5

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Reviewed Sep 2018