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Welcome to Amber's home page. A lovable Blenheim bitch who was also our first self-bred puppy; which would explain why we kept her. First-born daughter of Heidi, her twin sister Cassie (Enigmai Lady Jade Atalanta) lived in London until her loss at 12-1/2 years of age.

Having her first litter of six healthy pups in September 2004 ~ Keira, Molly, Monty, Duchy, Lucy and Ralph ~ only a few days after her mother gave birth to Buffy and Chloe, she kept us guessing as to when she would come into season again - anywhere from eight to ten months between seasons, which meant she could only have a litter every 18 months.

Having lost all of her second litter due to contracting Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anaemia she then produced two girls (Bumble and Lola) and three boys (Charlie, Ollie and Dylan) in Jan 2007 followed by a further two girls (Bella and Honey) in April 2008.

Since then she not only delivered her fifth and last litter (Rosie, Ruby, Sadie and Harry) in the midst of a heat-wave but also had to have the head and neck of her femur removed after an argument with a falling object dislocated it. All that and she could still be as spry as a two-year old if any luckless cat or non-Cavalier came anywhere in the vicinity (or postmen)!!

In the intervening years she unfortunately had to be speyed (with accompanying loss of coat condition) and the years sadly took their toll with arthritis starting to show its head ~ but she could still show a turn of speed when she wanted to ~ especially when there are puppies about ('We DON'T DO puppies doncha know!'). Having said that Mouse loves his Great-Grandmother and kept her nimble by herding her and trying to cuddle up to her. Katie carried on in the same vein until the sad loss of Amber in August 2016 whenshe went into kidney failure an hour after returning from her morning walk with the pack. A great loss it has to be said but we are comforted in the knowledge that she has joined her mother and sister together with Sasha over Rainbow's Bridge and awaits us there.

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